Monday, July 11, 2005


even bridget jones had a job

blah. I want a job! HIRE ME, PEOPLE! Although I suppose I haven't been working as hard as I should have been on the whole "job searching" thing. I've been spending a lot of time babysitting, and just slacking off in general. But I must redouble (or requadruple?) the efforts tomorrow, if I truly want to get things settled.

I feel like Russell Crowe in The Cinderella Man....this time around I know what I'm fighting for. My bread. (or was it my milk?) At any rate. I'm feeling it now. And what do you guys think? Should I move down to DC with a full time waitressing job, relying on getting another job after a bit? I'm inclined against that plan, b/c, knowing me, I'll get bogged down in the demands of waitressing...and then not find a real job. ever. And have you ever seen me carry something without dropping it at least one time before reaching my destination? I'd be a horrible server.

I think it's high time for bed.

on the upside, I'm really looking forward to going to maine.

Hey Meg,
I know what you mean. I'm seriously considering dropping the engineering search for a while, instead getting a teaching job. Apparently Philadelphia is pretty desparate for high school teachers, especially in math and science (me).
Oops, forgot to sign...
Take care sweetie!

sitting around the house all day is boring, but sitting at work isn't much better. Just drink.
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