Sunday, November 30, 2008


you really don't know!

Last weekend I went shopping and bought some snazzy new work clothes. Before I moved I apparently did a giant purge of all winterwear (and was in the midst of a serious "buying going out clothes" phase, I guess), so this little trip was much needed.

I visited ole' faithful, New York & Co, and got some work pants, shirts, a belt, earrings, a necklace, and underwear. The work pants are, in fact, thrilling. They're super long — longer than any pair that I've ever owned. Long to the point of being dangerous, I thought, as I dressed.

So my mom dropped me off at the train Monday, and I was feeling a bit like hot shit. A new shirt, a daring (for me!) belt, my long pants, nice heels, possibly good hair. I walked by two newspaper guys, and I heard one say, "She's tall, huh?"

I swallowed a "Yeah, but she's not deaf!" and just kept walking. Water off a duck's back. I got to the escalator, and it was broken, which always pisses me off. The escalator at college was always broken, and I could never understand it. Why was it always out of commission? There a bazillion escalators in the world, and these things should operate like well-oiled machines now.

So, to the stairs I went. I was halfway up when something happened - maybe my shoe got caught in my gloriously long cuff? - and I tripped, nearly caught myself, then completely hit the deck, losing my earmuffs in the process.

The woman behind me said "ohh ohhh!!" and I kinda bounced up and lamely said "...My pants are too long, I think..." and scrambled up the stairs, trying to act like it didn't happen. My shin hurt like a total bitch, so I was also working on not crying and looking noble as I passed all the people on the platform.

While waiting for the train, I checked the shin situation, and I was not bleeding - so that was a plus. And my pants did not rip. I texted E, saying "Bad start! I just fell in the train station." When I got out of the train, there was a message from E asking if I was okay.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, I think, and I didn't even notice that I had a horrendous bruise on my knee until I climbed into bed and both my right shin and my left knee throbbed. The bruise, in fact, has turned a different shade of awful each day. Right now it looks like a purple 8.

Before I got into bed, though, E and I chatted online, and I found out that she had overslept that morning, and my text had woken her up and got her to work on time. Theoretically, if I hadn't tripped, she wouldn't have woken up, and would have been late to work.

While obviously this is all small-time, it's interesting to note how my stupid little fall actually had a ripple effect. How many other chain reactions do we set off throughout the day?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


look at this...

G.I.'s in Remote Afghan Post Have Weary Job, Drawing Fire

Sunday, November 09, 2008


a little wee time capsule of sorts

So I'm FINALLY cleaning out my backpack - I had shoved a bunch of things in it way back in...May...when I left D.C., shoved it in my closet, and I've been tripping over the thing ever since.

Curious about what treasures the pink bag was concealing (and high on the find of a brand-new Clinique eyeliner that I had given up for lost in a pocketbook), I opened it up and found all sorts of sentimental things - a few newspaper clippings, a bunch of cards from C-note and E, three pictures from my Gettysburg trip that I had printed out (and therefore, the only three left since my computer had crashed shortly after that trip) and - FOUR journals in various states of completion. Two completely full, two that started strong then pathetically petered out after a month or so.

I cringe when I read some things (and these babies aren't old...the set begins in 2001 and is in no way comprehensive of all the years) - I cannot believe that I wrote about some of the mean bouncers at the Times as possible relationship prospects!!

So, one entry made me stop and laugh and gave me a squeeze of the heart...almost as I were eavesdropping on myself. To give you an idea of what was going on in Meg's Life at this time, I was in the fall semester of senior year, with NO clue of where I was going to work or where I was going to live after graduation, and my significant other relationship was showing definite strain.

Here's part of it, from Oct 30, 2004.
I definitely just checked my away messages as a form of procrastination...I was just thinking of how when I'm 25, I'll have a whole other set of problems. They'll probably suck! Not a cheery thought, but it's nice to think that I'll have some things figured out. I may not be married, but at least I'll know my mind...right?

And then, a few days later on Nov. 2 (Election Day).
Really, this whole election just made me think - 'In 4 years, during our next election, where will I be? Will I be a dork and wear red, white, and blue again? Will...*S.O.* be in my life? Will I be living in Boston?' And uhh...this is all assuming I'm still alive, of course (knock on wood.) ... A good quote - "Maturity is the ability to endure uncertainty." - John Finley (no idea who the heck he is!)

It kind of shocks me to know that I am in a position to answer all those questions that I had forgotten that I had asked. Twenty-five. What a silly age for me to pick. It's almost like a 11-year-old thinking that a 15-year-old is so old and wise and mature, when everyone else knows that the 15-year-old is just as clueless as before.

Okay, so. To state the obvious. I am most certainly not married. And I most certainly do not "know my mind" - although I would LIKE to think that I'm a lot more confident and sure of myself than I was when I was 21. But who really knows, to be honest.

As for the whole other set of problems, I do think that that period was a particularly tough time for me, and luckily I'm not really dealing with a "set of problems" at the moment. If you had asked me a month ago when I was still unemployed, yeah. Or five months ago when moving back to Massachusetts was an experiment, yeah. But now I have a job and I'm seeing this place as my home for the next five years, at least (for better or for worse!). The only box missing a check is the boyfriend box, but that can't really be classified as a problem. More adventure to be had. Kind of like Egypt 2009. And becoming a better scuba diver. And learning how to surf (or, attempting to learn how to surf). And taking that hot air balloon ride. And learning to fly (thanks, Jordin Sparks).

And I love the Election Day questions, since it was recent enough for me to say with all certainty what I was doing, where I was, what I wearing, etc. this past Tuesday.

Where will I be?: I was at Kings in Boston, at an Election Night Party, with free bowling after 9 p.m. Ding ding ding! And though I didn't ask this, I'm sure I was wondering who I'd be with: I was bowling alongside friends and great people I hadn't yet met in May 2008, nevermind October of 2004.

Wearing red, white, and blue?: I wore black boots with black and white socks with skulls on them (don't worry, no one could see them, except when I was bowling...ha), a purple corduroy skirt that hits above the knee, and my black turtleneck. I was wishing that I had a beautiful red dress to wear on Election Day (even though I voted blue, I look better in red), but alas...I do not own such a garment. So even though I did not wear red, white, and blue, the desire was there.

Will S.O. be in my life?: I can tell I thought I was being so clever slipping that in there after the clothes and scenery questions, as if it wasn't the top thing on my mind. Shockingly, yes, S.O. is in my life, but as a friend. As C-note knows...this was an up and down thing, and at one time I was sorely tempted to fly to England (where he was studying grad school) JUST to throw rotten eggs at his window. Luckily for him (and possibly my international police record?), I was too poor. So, it is seemingly against all odds that I say that we have a healthy friendship now. It's great how some things work out, and how some wonderful people come in and out of your life, after you've written them out of the picture for good.

Will I be living in Boston?: I don't suppose I had anticipated my 2.5-year sojourn in D.C. when I wrote that...I think I saw it as D.C. or Boston, not D.C. and Boston. But, here I am.

Assuming I'm still alive...: Woo!!!! Here's to making it this far :-)

I need to step it up on my current journal. I was so badass with some of them, cutting out quotes, laminating cute cartoons, saving fortune cookies, etc. It was a joy to open (a joy for me alone, that is). Perhaps if I look at it as a future present to me (like a 401k! that I need to actually contribute to!), I'll be more dedicated. Or if I write shit like "When I'm 35, I wonder if I'll be pursuing an alternate career in wedding planning, but will be unmarried, like J-Lo in "The Wedding Planner," I'll feel compelled to look back.

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