Saturday, July 09, 2005


Frosting on the cake

Funny how sometimes the tumblers of life match up, and for a second, everything registers "PERFECT!" on the personal richter scale. I was driving home today after picking up my dinner - the fantastic chicken cutlet sub from Richardi's - and I had the radio on. One of my favorite songs was playing, "Wave on Wave" by Pat Green. It's one of those that I haven't yet downloaded, so I haven't ruined it or become immune to its powers.

I turn the corner. and BAM!

A rainbow. Has every color in it, the works, ROY G BIV.

Yes, in one moment, I had my favorite sub, a favorite song and a rainbow.


This section is called "The Adventures of Meg and Bubba at the airport"

We went to the airport today to pick up my parents. They said they'd be getting in around 4:15, but I knew it would take them longer than that to get to the car. But I also hate being late, and I HATE waiting at the airport after my flights come in, so I got there at 4:17. Well, once we were "standing" curb side by the arrivals area, I started to feel spacey and was feeling a hankering for a DD iced coffee. Bubba offered to get one for me, but alas, we did not have a dollar between us. Luckily, my dad stows change in his car, so I lazily rummaged through and found some quarters and dimes.

Yes, I made the poor kid pay in change.

While he was in the terminal, he glanced at the arrivals board, and noticed that the next flight from Rome was due at 5:02. He came back in the car, told me the news, and I promptly asked for a snack to hold me over. We spent about five more minutes rummaging around for MORE change, and my dad totally had a huge supply of quarters. Bub was like "Do I HAVE to go back and pay with change aaaaaagggaaain?" But since he only has his permit, I couldn't leave him alone with the car in the "no parking zone."

Yes, I made the poor kid pay in change again.

"I'll Always Love You" came on my ipod, and I used the solo car time to blast Whitney Houston's touching and highly emotional ballad. Bub came back in, and turned it down, though only slightly. Paying him no heed, whipping up into the final chorus, I belted out "AND IIIIIIII IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII willl ALLLLWAYS LAAAHH-" at that point, there was a knock on my open window. Still singing, I turn. Mouth agape, the music is pulled from my lungs and is left hanging awkwardly in the air. A State Trooper is at my window - an unexpected audience! But instead of offering praise, he succinctly asks me to either move to the lot across the way, or just circle. Bub (now hiding his face in horror) and I choose the lot. I think he suffered memory loss as a result of embarrassment, because while the song is STILL PLAYING as we're driving away, he goes "OH God. Were you singing to this song?!"

We pull into the lot, and realize that we'll have to pay all in dimes, since the quarters went toward the Dunkin Donuts Feed the Joyces fund. The longer we wait for the jet-setters to land, I tab the amount in my head. 40 dimes...50 dimes...60 dimes....Bub hits a goldmine and finds a quarter and a nickel in his pocket. Back down to 30 dimes.

Sadly, the ending is not so dramatic as being reduced to begging, coffee and doughnuts in hand. My mom had a ten on her, and we sailed from the lot with two dollars to spare. Oh, and good thing I got there at 4:15. We left the airport at 6:01. But better safe than sorry!

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