Monday, July 25, 2005



I went to a party at Tansy's grandmother's house yesterday in Kingston. It. Was. So much fun!

But....before I left my house, I had this weird almost debilitating anxiety about driving down there. It was to the extent where I was thinking "Gee. I definitely have a problem." Sometimes I'll feel really anxious about driving, or flying. Like, I feel as though I'm going to get into an accident. And I don't know why I get this way, becuase it's not as though I have ESP or anything.

So, knowing that times before when I've had this feeling nothing happened, I just sucked it up and went.

The kicker is, on the way down I almost got into an accident. I was driving on Rt 3 South (my favorite highway - wide lanes, courteous drivers, I'm very familiar with the road) and I was being pretty cautious/aware because that paranoid feeling hadn't died down. I wasn't driving like an old person (I was going 60-65 ish) but I had both hands on the wheel and I wasn't fiddling with the radio or anything.

This white SUV kind of passed me on the left (I was in the middle lane) and everything was fine until the dumbass decided to forget that I was next to them and changed suddenly into my lane. I went into action. Braked. BLARED the horn. yelled "OHHHH SHITTTTT" Someone in the oblivious car finally got a clue, and they went back into their lane. No sheepishness. Or waves. Or whatever you do when you almost destroy someone.

It was scary. They were about 3 inches from hitting me. I would have spun around and it would have been bad.

So. I was thinking. Did God zap me with a little paranoid feeling so that I'd be paying extra attention while driving yesterday? You cynics might say that me being paranoid made me into a bad driver, but I disagree. I was in my lane, going with the flow of the traffic, all in all, being a good driver. But being paranoid made me more aware of my surroundings and it made me not goof off or sing along to music or do whatever it is that I sometimes do instead of paying 100% attention to the road.

Something to think about. And for the record, I didn't have the paranoid feeling when I drove back from the party this morning.

It sounds like someone was watching out for you, and it sounds like that "someone" is the paint fumes you must have been huffing before you left.
"...and everything was fine until the dumbass decided to forget that I was next to them and changed suddenly into my lane."

Ummmm, hello? Ummmm.... hello?
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