Saturday, July 23, 2005


mish mash

I have horrible eating habits. Today (9 am - 11 pm) I've eaten:

kellogg's almond special K (started off strong)
3 chocolate chip pancakes
a coke
a snicker's ice cream bar (king size)
two bottles of water
a medium cup of cookie dough ice cream with reese's pieces on top
two fries (stolen from chris)
a large chicken cutlet sub
arizona iced tea
a cup of tea

my goodness. it was a banner day.

Tonight my mom and I went to an oldies 103.3 free outdoor concert. I always love going to radio station concerts, for the sheer joy of seeing what my fellow listeners look like. Supposedly TV and radio create subcultures, ones that make people feel like they belong to a community - even though they are participating in a largely individual experience.

Tonight, I met my community. A lot of the members smoke a lot. Many of the men wear unbuttoned shirts in public. A lot of the females sport unflatteringly tight clothes. Quite a few are homeless. On the plus side, a lot of the people are quite fun and dance around to songs they like. Some are safety conscious, and wear a helmet when on a bike (on a side note, I'm going to start wearing a helmet. Dorkiness be damned - or embraced!). For nourishment, us 103.3 members eat fried dough and lemonade (yes!!!), among other delicacies.

As of right now, I'm kind of glad that my radio community and I don't meet too often.

On the train back, my mom and I sat next to a 26 year old woman with a 2.5 week old baby in a sling on her chest. The boy (named Simon) is SO cute, and I couldn't stop staring at him. She and I started chatting about him, and she noticed my fascination with her child and she asked me "Oh, are you pregnant?"

AH! I got a wild look in my eye and swiftly looked at my stomach/abdominal region. Now, I'm not in the greatest shape (see above list for confirmation of that) but I definitely didn't look pregnant sitting there. I think. My mom said later (when I asked her in a panicked voice if I looked like I was expecting a human) that Woman-on-Train probably just was wondering if I was pregnant because I kept staring at her kid like I wanted to steal it. (for the record, she actually offered to let me take him home. I didn't take her up on it.)

But back to the train. One of my fellow 103.3 listeners (he was wearing an oldies t-shirt) was standing near us - we were sitting at the end of a row of seats, next to a door. He tripped over my mom's foot, or the folded chair she was holding, and then entered upon conversation with her. Took off his hat, showed her his black eye, and said "But you should've seen the other five guys!" My mom laughed politely. Then he kept talking. And talking.

I suddenly flashbacked to this morning, when I was eating those delicious chocolate chip pancakes -
MY MOM, LOOKING AT HER HANDS: Oh my goodness! I forgot to put my rings on today! I was using turpentine and didn't want to ruin them!

Good to know that getting hit on by crazy guys runs in the family.

"two fries (stolen from chris)"
...and I thought I could trust you.
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