Monday, August 22, 2005


clouds of doom?

I swear, this what my horoscope says today:

"The more you try to get ahead, the more you'll be left behind. Slow down so you don't set yourself up for disappointment. Watch what's going on around you and bide your time."

I know horoscopes aren't real, but I love to read them when they apply to my life. Basically, I see it as frosting on the cake. If it's good news, I see it as a favorable omen. If it's bad news, I skim over it and skip right to the funnies.

But telling me to not try to get ahead? Warning me that I'll fall behind if I do so? How I'm having a hard time skimming over this one.

At any rate.

This weekend I heard a song called "These Words" by Natasha Bedingfield. I promptly fell in love and downloaded as many of her songs as possible. She's a rocky/poppy person from London (I think). I like her lyrics because they're not all gushy and lovey dovey. I mean, I'm addicted to the love songs as much as the next person - possibly more - but there's only so many times I can listen to how much a guy loves a girl until I want to jump off a bridge with all of the other single people out there. Keith Urban - I'd love to Make Memories of Us, and I'll Be Your Everything too...but sometimes I need someone who understands that there's more to me than looking good in your shirt.

And NB isn't bitter either, which is awesome. I don't want to listen to a song about man-hating...that's not my style (usually). So, if you're going to download some of her songs, I first recommend "These Words" and "Frogs and Princes" and then if you want to slow it down, "Wild Horses".

(you can tell I'm missing my CUA DJ days, hahaha)

Since I apparently think I'm an arts critic today, I'd also like to recommend the movie "Murderball". Now, I love going to the movies. The whole experience is exciting to me. It's so fun going to the theater, buying the tickets, buying a pepsi and some candy (or going to CVS beforehand and buying snacks there, then sneaking it in within the confines of one of my cavernous bags), then seeing the previews and sitting in the dark in front of a huge screen, ideally next to someone who you can laugh and smile with during the good parts.

I also like to go to independent/lesser played films, if only because I run out of mainstream movies to see. I'll be the first to admit that the majority of independent films are painful to see. The acting is usually okay, but I find the plots to be so weak. And when I'm checking my watch for the fourth time, I'm generally thinking "WHY did I come to see this? I'm so foolish!" I can probably count on one hand the number of non-mainstream movies that I've truly enjoyed...Shattered Glass, Napoleon Dynamite (and okay, that wasn't even that good), Camp, Mad Hot Ballroom. And do Shaun of the Dead and Love Actually count?

Anyhow. Murderball is AWESOME! SO GOOD!! It's about these paraplegics (people who have limited use of the four limbs) who play wheelchair rugby. It's insane. It's not just a big sporting event, the filmmakers also get into people's pre-conceived notions of wheelchair-bound folk - and (in that vein) the guys in the wheelchairs

My younger brother and his friend came with me, so it also appeals to the blase 16-17 year old boy demographic. And the guy behind me with a good laugh also enjoyed the movie. And the old people across the aisle.

If you're looking for a movie to go to, skip the 40 year old virgin. I mean, come on. You're smarter than that. You deserve something better. See Murderball instead. I'll even make it easy for you to find a theater.

"If you're looking for a movie to go to, skip the 40 year old virgin. I mean, come on. You're smarter than that."
I actually kind of have a problem with that comment- 40 Year Old Virgin is actually a really good movie- they dont portray Steve as being some loser who cant talk to anyone (nevermind women) who doesnt know what proper hygiene is... its actually the opposite. He's witty, smart, not bad looking, works out, goes out to bars with his friends, and (kinda) knows how to hit on women- plus most people accept the fact that he's a virgin. So its not a movie about a socially inept idiot who you're supposed to laugh at for never having sex, its a comedy about the situations a man finds himself in. I'm guessing you didnt actually see the movie, because if you liked "dumb comedies" like Napolean Dynomite and Shaun of the Dead, then you would have liked 40 Year Old Virgin- not a dumb comedy but a good comedy and a good movie all around- I laughed nearly as hard at this movie as I did at Wedding Crashers. I'll admit that I didnt think it was going to be half as funny as it was, but I was smiling when I walked out of the theatre (and I didnt check my watch once during the movie)! You should give it a chance and then review it after you've seen it.
40 Year-Old Virgin is LAME.
hey tans!

I just wanted people to see Murderball...I didn't mean it as a serious anti-T40YoV statement...

so. if anyone is actually reading this - you saw the positive review that T40YoV got! Do with it as you will. (armaedes, your comment doesn't count because you didn't back up your statement)

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