Sunday, August 21, 2005


dreams and slaying the green-eyed monster

I referenced my weird dreams in yesterday's post...for some reason, I have particularly vivid, bizarre dreams. A lot of people tell me dreams like "I went to the grocery store, and I bought lots of broccoli." What? My older brother had a dream a long time ago - he was driving a jeep over a field, with supermodels, and he could smell cinnabons. The cinnabon smell was the result of my mom making breakfast, but the other stuff is from his head. Someone else told me recently that he had a dream that he ran into Paris Hilton on a beach. My younger brother had a dream last week where he met both Christopher Walken and 50 cent. Lau has dreams in which she hangs out with Keith Urban.

What the heck? It would be so neat to have dreams where I meet superstars, hot celebrities, drive cool cars.

I kinda sorta remember three dreams from last night.

In the first, I was graduating from college, only it was taking place in this giant sketchy warehouse with a lot of rows. Kind of like someone took Home Depot, made it twice its normal size, took out the wood, but kept the aisles. When going to my seat (well, I don't remember sitting...going to my standing space) I dropped my cell phone (not a rare occurrence in normal life) and I only picked up the front piece...leaving the phone behind.

So, I'm in my standing spot, and we hear this giant wind. Soon pieces of the warehouse are flying everywhere, people are shouting and chaos ensues. I look at my phone, and I realize that I can't call my parents to see if they're okay, since my phone is wrecked.

(on a side note, isn't it cool how my mind set up that phone dilemma?)

I look back and one of the walls is gone. I turn to the front, and the guy who was in front of me had gotten hit with a board. (he's not a real person in real life) He had a swollen lip, but was otherwise okay. We ended up bonding, and I think I remember him making some cheesy comment about love connections being made in disasters.

So I took the ending of the dream from Speed. But I can't really blame my subconscious...the rest was pretty creative.

All I remember from the next dream was that I was standing outside somewhere, and I saw a plane plummet down from the sky and crash. That was lovely...

And in the third dream, C-note and I were applying for a job in D.C. We were on the way to the interview, but when we got to the Metro, they were like "oh, the red line doesn't run downtown anymore!" Instead, they had a bus that you had to pay 10 dollars for. We were going to walk to the interview, but we were really pressed for time, so we decided to take the bus. I was flipping out, because I hate hate hate to be late. And it's horrible to be late for a job interview!

We went there...and I guess it went well, since we had to go back. The second time I left for the interview with a half hour to spare, but then I realized that I was in Boston and I had to fly to D.C. I got to the airport and was waving a ticket that I had just bought in front of the ticket lady, and I was practically crying. I was supposed to be there at 7:30 am...I remember thinking in the dream that I could possibly get there by 9:30, and that wasn't thaaat bad.


I woke up being like "aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Back in the real world...I admitted to myself this morning that I've been feeling very jealous lately, especially now that there are tons of away messages up saying that people are at various places around campus. This jealousy doesn't stem from wanting to be back there at school - I loved school, but at the end, I was done with taking classes that I didn't give a fig about (earth science, sociology, to name a couple).

Rather it is an indication that I'm not happy with the way things are right now. My theory is that if I'm happy with what I have, I'm not jealous...for there is no need to be.

So, in order to get out of this jealousy nonsense, I'm going to take a lot of time today to apply to jobs. I'm going to shut off IM and hole myself up in my room. I've reached the point where I have practically no money (and really...I'm serious. I'm not exaggerating) and I've reached the point where I'm impatient and chomping at the bit.

I can't do anything about my weird dreams, but I can do something about this unemployment. If you're reading this at work, and you're in D.C...look out. There's a resume with my name on it coming your way.

I don't have dreams.

I dare you to tell me "everybody dreams, you just don't remember them."
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