Saturday, August 13, 2005


let the naming begin!

I just bought a fish - I had an empty bowl sitting on my shelf, and I decided to fill it. My new pet is a beta/fighting fish. Not to make the little guy feel unwelcome, but I was hoping for a goldfish. Something simple, yet elegant. Well, apparently goldfish are too elegant for me, because the Petsmart guy told me that only betas could go in the puny bowl that I own.

And you may be wondering - Meghan, how do you know it's a male? Well, I looked online to see how to properly care for my new acquisition, and a site said that most pet stores only sell the males, because they are better looking than the females. Hmm. That would probably get me mad (are male fighting fish the abercrombie models of the water world?), but it means that females get to frolic in the open water, free from being bought by bumbling people like me who have accidentally killed several fish.

Hoping that he lives through the night, I'm opening up the naming to you guys. Please post suggestions, don't just IM it to me!

so far:

- Zoolander (from bub)
- detax (because I bought him on MA tax-free day. from patty)
- Major Tom (me)

please send more!

jackie chan (cause he's a fighting fish....... hey its all I could think of)

Well, I am a nerd, so here are my nerdy suggestions:

1) Zaphod Beeblebrox

2) Neptune, God of the Sea (God of the Sea is not intended to be a title, but rather part of the name, so whenever someone asks you what his name is, you can say "Neptune, God of the Sea," and perhaps, if you wanted to get really elaborate, you could purchase some sort of sound-effect making device that would provide you with a crash of thunder or a royal trumpet blast whenever you said the name.)

3) Ajax

4) Mr. Snuffles

Okay, I think that's all for now. :-)

name it "sushi" or "dinner" or "and chips"

from zach
hehe! best not ask me i named my white cat pepsi and the black one Max
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