Thursday, August 11, 2005


Mr. White Truck. You're finished.

so, I didn't post earlier today because I was determined to apply to several jobs. And then after I applied to enough jobs, posting in my blog would be my reward.

but now that it's time to write, I can't think of anything.

except for a stupid car that's a hazard to my neighborhood.

I live on a side street, and to access the main road, you have to go up a street, and then go either left, right or straight to exit the neighborhood onto the main road. In my neighborhood of about 6 streets, there are only two "exiting neighborhood" exits.

At the more frequently used exit, there is a purple house on the corner. Their front door faces the exit street, their driveway is on the main street.

Now, you may wonder: Why do I, as the reader, care? Well, unless you're going to be visiting me, you don't probably don't care. but...

I care because the stupid guy who is a year younger than me that lives in the purple house parks his gargantuan pickup truck on the "Exit street" corner right in front of the stop sign, thereby creating a HAZARD for everyone on the six neighborhood streets trying to exit.

The street isn't that wide. AND it's on a curve, so it's hard enough to pull out safely anyhow, nevermind trying to navigate around the dead weight of a pickup truck. And when there's a car pulling in at the same time people are pulling out, it's a downright disastrous accident waiting to happen.

Now, I know his game, he has a Marine Corps sticker on the back of his truck. He's thinking, "oh, they'll have pity on me, because I'm saving their lives." And I even happen to know the inside gossip that says he's possibly a young, unmarried dad of an infant.

Yeah, that worked for about a month. Now whenever I drive by his car, I get the urge to either a) slam into it or b) rake my keys across it. He's lucky that a) I don't want to damage my (mom's) car and b) my keys are in the ignition as I drive by. And it further boils my blood when I go by his driveway and see that there is plenty of room for that truck.

I know I shouldn't be obsessing over this, that it's not a big deal...and if it angers me so much, I should just leave my neighborhood by the other exit. (I'm probably equidistant...okay....I'm actually closer to the non-pickup truck exit)
But no. I'm going to make a post-it note that says

"Dear Truck owner

Your truck is a hazard. I almost hit it every time I pull out of this street. That makes me angry. Please move it.

the residents of a, b, c, d, e, and f streets "

Tomorrow, or tonight, when I drive by, I'm going to put the post it note on either the driver's side window or the windshield.

I'd be tempted to make a threat in there....but that only works on desperate housewives, and I'd probably get arrested.

and that would make getting a job tough, huh?

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