Wednesday, August 10, 2005


what the heck?

Now, I'm not one of those girls who whines "there are no nice guys out there! I just want a nice guy." I KNOW there are plenty of nice guys out there. And unlike many people, I actually do want a nice guy. I don't like mean people.

(For the record, I consider any guy who says with an innocent BS I-wanna-slap-him-silly-face "I'm a nice guy" is NOT a nice guy. Nice guys don't feel the need to say they are nice. Because people don't call it into question.)

But I don't know. I haven't spent much time in it, but I'm already sick of the bar scene. I'm 99 % positive that I won't meet anyone special in a bar. People there are just drunk, leering at girls, hoping to get a one night stand.

And perhaps that's unfair of me to say. I mean, I consider myself a fairly okay person, and I go to bars, right? However. The type of guy that I'm interested in is the one that wouldn't go up to girls in bars. He'd be with his friends, drinking and having a good time, and basically ignoring the other people there.

So now when I go to bars (basically when I'm in D.C.) I go with the attitude that I'm there to have a fun, goofy time. I don't have ridiculous expectations to meet Prince Charming in the dirt-streaked walls of the basement of the Times. Speaking of. That damn bouncer!!

This is all stemming from talking about guys with E. And a general feeling of loneliness. Perhaps it's also from reading Gone with the Wind (I finished it last night, I promise there won't be any more references!) and Scarlett finding refuge and rest in Rhett's arms. Or maybe the malaise is from reading Glamour. My favorite magazine, but full of smiling, model couples.

(and for the record (sorry for another tangent) - I'm bitter about Jake hooking up with girls so soon after the Orange Blossom breakup. I mean, there's moving on, and there's moving on!)

But I have priorities. and they are...

2) A place to live

and then, only then

3) A boy. Well, I guess, you know, a man?

So this isn't even anything that I'm giving much thought to (rightttt). No need putting the cart before the horse...worrying about something before crossing the bridge, whatever saying you want to use.


on the job front, I applied to be a nanny today. Also to work at a magazine, and to work at a Catholic newspaper. Nothing like throwing a wide, varying net out there.

That reminds me I need to sort out a work placement for next summer!

Only 2 more years of uni *sigh

Anyway nice blog
Hey . . . *I* am one of those guys that goes to a bar and ignores everyone! Except I ignore even my friends . . . also, I am NOT a nice guy. Sounds like I fit your mold perfectly, I'm a terrible human being and I ignore everyone at bars!
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