Friday, August 12, 2005



As promised (threatened?), I've done it!!

Yes, I left a note for Mr. White Truck.

(oh, and Patty requested that I post more pictures of my adventures. So, in order to please my reader, I will illustrate this one for you.)

I gave a lot of thought to all of this. I was considering going in the dead of night - but I didn't want to wait that long. I considered looping around the block, so I'd come from a direction other than the one in which I live. But that involved about two extra blocks of walking for this mission. And it seemed, even to me, a bit too cautious.

I even considered wearing Bubba's Gollum mask, but that was deemed TOO weird. And that would probably get me arrested.

(for the record, that's C-note wearing the Gollum mask, circa new year's. I love my friends.)

I do not know how people commit crimes! I've thought about this a gazillion ways, and it's just leaving a stupid note. I guess it's good that I'm so paranoid, it keeps me from doing any real damage. And I've even thought "What if the marker runs in the rain and damages the paint? What if I use tape and it messes up the windshield?" Basically, I've thought of all ways in which this could turn out horribly. Do people think about all this when they leave stupid flyers in the windshields at the mall?

During the course of planning, I decided that a post-it note is just too darn small to fit in all that I wanted to say. So, I used a sheet of notebook paper, and a red permanent marker. Here's the note, and me making a fish face. I don't think it looks like me too much, but when I showed Bubba, he said "No. When I think of 'Meghan' that's actually what I picture." humph. younger brothers.

Hmm. If you'll note, I wrote "Maple" street on there. In actuality, I'm not positive that there's a Maple Street in my neighborhood. I know there's a street, but it may or may not be called that. So that may weaken my argument in the long run.

Bubba and I decided to take a walk to my aunt's, and during the course of this walk, we'd be passing by the white pickup truck house. I stashed the note in my bag, along with my trusty camera. I stopped at the end of my street to take a picture of the offending pickup (no need to stop right next to the truck and look completely suspicious!).

that's the pickup truck. (the picture is crooked because I "shot from the hip" - as advised by my photography teacher last year for when taking sketchy photographs) Notice that it is RIGHT next to the stop sign! And especially annoying, it has one of those goofy "I support our troops" magnets. In my mind, that's even more cause for irritation.

So, Bub casually crossed the street and walked on the sidewalk in between the house and the car, and I walked on the driver's side. (We didn't plan that, it just fell into place that he would be a decoy. good initiative!) I was planning on putting it in the windshield wipers but, there was a slight snafu - I was too wussy to actually reach across the car. So I just kinda shoved the note at the opening in the hood near the windshield.

On our way back from our aunt's, we eagerly awaited coming upon the purple house and white pickup truck. As it got into sight, we saw that the pickup was gone from its usual spot. AND we saw the back of a pickup truck in the driveway.

As we got closer and closer, I rummaged around in my bag for my camera. I KNEW it would make the perfect ending to this blog posting. It was SO exciting to think that I had made a difference.

We got to the driveway and realized that it was a silver pickup truck in the driveway, not the white one. Our hope and enthusiasm for the project had been altering the reality of the situation.

But at least someone had taken the pickup truck out for a spin! We shall see if they got the note, and if they will heed the advice.

So. what did you do today?

haha! Well-done :)
I don't care what anyone says, you're flippin' HOT!

And the picture below, with the girl holding the sign, isn't bad either.
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