Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I would post a picture from the Keith Urban concert...but that would be bad

Melia IMed me this morning right after I got up, harassing me about not updating this blog for the working folk. I felt slightly abashed, since here I was just waking up, and she had already been at work for two hours. I told her that I didn't have anything to write about yesterday, and asked her for suggestions for today. She said "our lunch on Friday." That seemed a bit daunting, since it hasn't happened yet, but I decided to go for it. It kind of reminded me of my English class last year, when the teacher chose topics for us to write about. There would be nothing, but with a little thought, a few pages would come out of that germ of an idea.

So here we go.

Melia and I lived in the same dorm freshman year, but we never hung out. She was one of those "fourth floor girls," you know. We were also in the same major, so we kinda ran into each other quite a lot. Seems like we'd become fast friends, right? However. There is drama.

During those early days at CUA, I had a slight crush (Hah who are we kidding?) on a friend freshman year. We had dinner together, went out in the city together, he played guitar while I sat there daydreaming. Perfect, except that it remained a crush. (which in hindsight was a good thing, but I didn't see that then)

One day we were walking by Melia, and he goes "Hey Melia" in this strange, deeper manly voice that I had never heard before coming from him. After about 30 seconds I summoned the courage to ask what I had just realized. "Do you have a crush on her?" I attempted to keep my voice calm, but I'm sure I sounded like a shrew. He looked at me, a bit surprised, and said "Well...I think she's hot. How could you tell?"

I was thinking...shit. She is super pretty. One of my friends has described her as "cute as a button" and that fits perfectly. How can I EVER compare to Melia?!

After that I saw Melia as this girl who the guy I had a crush on liked. She was the enemy! I was jealous! And, me, Ms. Friendly, never made any attempts to strike up conversations with her. Nevermind the fact that the boy left after freshman year to pursue his dreams at a different school (um, if you're reading this, hey Tian!), my initial resentment and jealousy never exactly faded away. And by the time it was gone, it just seemed so damn awkward to go up to her and be like "Hi Melia! I'm Meg! I haven't spoken to you for two years even though we've lived in the same dorm and had a bunch of the same classes...so....hi."

Luckily, fates and Facundo intervened. Junior year, Melia joined a group with E and I, and we had a fun afternoon of filming (pardon me, taping) flowers and crazy shadows on the glass display case of Walton hall. And I realized that this girl is not only super pretty and smart, she was also incredibly Nice. A great person.

Then we had photography class together last fall, and it was so much fun being in the darkroom with her, mixing chemicals and cursing the gods of exposure times. I was complaining about the smell, or the paper, or my crappy picture, or something and Melia said,

"Oh Meghan. Don't be so negative."

(waiting a minute to let that hilarious pun sink in)

After that, it was history. We'd chat, laugh about stuff, make plans to run away to London when our hearts were broken. We even went strapless bra shopping together the day before graduation. (okay, that's kinda weird. but it just kinda happened. really.)

And I haven't seen her since that fateful graduation day when my mom took a picture of us with a rose in our mouths. I am so excited to have lunch with her on Friday. And if I get this job, we might be able to have lunch together frequently. We'll both be poor, but we can do the whole "brown bag lunch" thing. Maybe we can pretend we're in the third grade and trade snacks. (for the record, I'm a big fan of fruit rollups.)

So, let this serve as a lesson to all of you out there. DON'T BE A JEALOUS IDIOT LIKE I WAS. I missed out on two years of having a great friend because my little pride was wounded. If only I had been a bigger person and had said hi to Melia one of those random times when we were waiting to cross at Michigan Ave, being hooted at by the locals.

Melia, I'm sorry for being a fool. Thank you for being my friend!

Her name is really Melia? That's bordering on child abuse . . .
why would posting a picture from that concert be bad??? only good things come come blaring his music in a crowded parking lot!
Hey!! It wasn't E who was in the group... it was me :(
Wow, I suck.


wonderful, now my horrible memory is not only hurting me, but those that I love. I'm sorry!!
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