Thursday, September 15, 2005


My name is Meghan...

and I'm very interested in pop culture.

There, I've said it. For some, that's like posting a big "I'M STUPID" sign on my head. But I believe that intelligence and a love of the insignificant lives of celebrities can happily co-exist.

I was talking to someone at the Times this weekend and this guy asked me about sports and some other topic that I've already forgotten. For both questions, I basically was like "umm... I don't really care." But then I added "But I'm not always apathetic, I do have strong opinions on other matters!"

While driving back from Boston this morning, my mind was wandering back to that statement. What do I have strong opinions about, exactly? I mean, other than the usual questions of abortion, death penalty, McDonald's vs. Burger King. Personally, I think that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's marriage is fine. I think that Britney's new baby will grow up to be anything but well-adjusted, and she'll come to her senses soon and Federline will be a learning experience. I think that any pocketbook costing more than $1,000 is a complete waste of money no matter how rich you are, and that really nice clothes don't have labels on them. I can't believe that Angelina Jolie is only 30 and has done all this awesome stuff, and it scares me to think of trying to measure up to that. It seems to me that Mariah Carey has a huge insecurity problem, and I wish she would be happy with herself. I don't think that Gwen Stefani has a good voice. I kinda feel bad for Paris Hilton. And yes, I really do think that Keith Urban is that romantic in real life.

There. Yes, I have thought about all of these things. And I've tried to like politics, to become interested in the lives of the movers and shakers. But ask me who my county reps are (is there such a thing as a county rep?) and I'll have no idea. But I did just spend 10 minutes lying on my bed listening to the radio, where a regular guy from Syracuse talked about driving his Blazer to NYC with...George Clooney and Brad Pitt (!!).

And yes, I realize that ignorance is not very attractive. In fact, it's rather embarrassing. But I can't be a mule in horse's clothing - or rather, an issue of Glamour in Economist covers. The irony in this is that I'm not looking for someone who shares in my joy of pop culture. I want to pair up with someone who can teach me things about the world. But they have to realize that I'm not going to transform into Mary Matalin overnight, or ever. (and see, I only know about her because I think her love story is very fascinating. I don't know if she's the democrat or the republican.)

But just because I'm not into politics, it doesn't mean that I'm a dummy. I don't have that driving force in me, that glint in my eye that shows that I'm going to get to the top, no matter who I step on to get there. Okay, that's vicious. Not all politicians are like that. In fact, when I say that, I'm not even picturing politicians. I picture the interns and other people my age, those who see the golden ox down the road in 20 years and with one look at their charming smiles, you know you can't trust them one bit. These people are the ones who know your name even though you've met once, who commiserate with you but really, they don't care.

That's what turns me off from politics - the fact that you can't tell who the person really is. And one can argue that about pop culture as well. But it always seems like in politics there's a hidden agenda, as opposed to just getting rich and famous and loved by the masses.

Because of that, give me pop culture any day. In the meantime, I'm still attempting to cultivate a love and appreciation for the political world. But next time you see me glancing at a picture on the front page of the Post, you can bet that I'm thinking about what the person is feeling, as opposed to what he or she is really saying. And know that I'll read that article...after I get through with the Style section.

"an issue of Glamour in Economist covers"

This is perhaps the best analogy I have ever heard.
Hm, there's nothing really wrong with being interested in pop culture. I don't much care for politics, except insofar as they coincide with religion, which is all I'm really interested in... Everyone has their own forte, no?

Oh, and I like Gwen Stefani. Hmph.

Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger are getting an annullment.


(from a selfish standpoint, at least it will provide some good song fodder)
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