Sunday, September 11, 2005


not to diss myself but....goodness gracious.


time 1: meet new guy. We're talking about tattoos. He shows me one, and in the darkness I can't tell what it is and it looks really bizarre. I blurt out "what the Hell is that?!" He goes "oh,I got it in dedication of my best friend who DIED IN IRAQ last year.

after further observation, I realized that it was a helmet perched on top of a rifle, with a banner saying 4.22.04. whoops. I hope he's in heaven, laughing his butt off at my stupidity.

time 2: C-note was looking at my text messages b/c E had just texted me, and she turned to me and said "When did I leave in a huff?" Uh. It was then that I realized with alarm that C-note was reading a message from E from early summer, saying that while they were at a concert, C-note had left for a moment kinda angrily. But I had saved it because E had said in the same message that a guy had just proposed to his girlfriend at a keith urban concert, and I just think that is really cool.

so C-note, since you're my loyal fan of this blog and you always read it (You're awesome!), I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. :-(

time 3: E brings two CUA friends back to the apt. I must say, this is after I had gone to sleep on the sofa, E called and asked me to move to her bed. I go there, fall back asleep, E goes downstairs to open the door, then I go back on the sofa to talk to her and the two guys. One I'll call RR comes in, and says "This furniture - " and I cut him off to say "Is the most ugliest thing you've ever seen, right?" and he goes "Maybe. but it's also the exact same pattern, I swear it's really amazing, of all of the sofas in my house."


time 4: E had told one of the guys a little white lie saying that she had gone to the bar with me first, and then had met up at the place they had went. I didn't realize this. So, while talking to the two guys, I was having my own pity party and said "So, then after LW didn't show up (OH YES LW I SAID IT) I decided to walk to the bar... alone (SORRY MOM!). And then I went in - alone." Reallly stressing the alone piece.

E got this Deer in Headlights look, and I didn't know why at the time. It turns out that it ruins her whole "I just happened to run into you!" story.

THIS IS ALL LAST NIGHT! How do I have friends?!?! AHHHHH!!!

I think the problem here isn't what you say, but rather that you feel bad for it afterwards. STICK TO YOUR GUNS! Don't feel bad just because you call furniture tacky when it IS tacky! Tacky furniture, no matter who it belongs to, deserves to be called out for what is is!
I just finished reading that entry, and I think that you are gonna have to write a few drafts of what you plan to say before you do, and rehearse it, and then you have to get departmental approval with 3 signatures before you can say it. PS. Listen to armaedes... because his picture is that of a ninetendo controler.
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