Tuesday, September 27, 2005



Remember how my life was falling apart last night?

It has emerged triumphant, like a phoenix from the ashes. Turns out the advisor wasn't in South America, he was in Chicago, and he's back. And turns out I was being a stupid girl (okay, you're basically always right, mom and dad) and he said he'll give me a great reference.

So I called HR and told her his number the second I got off the phone with him. I was so excited, haha.

Whether or not I get the job, I know now it won't be because I can't find anyone to speak up for me and my experiences. It's out of my hands!

And that's a very nice feeling.

In your situation, especially coming out of school, anyone you ask to be a reference will gladly sing your praises b/c everyone knows that getting a job is just a bitch.

If HR is asking for your references, you must be in good shape for the position.

Best of luck!!!
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