Friday, September 23, 2005


Why I love my friends

E, bored at work:

EOBeirne (9:43:03 PM): "Her name was Meghan Joyce. People in the tavern just called her Megs Legs
EOBeirne (9:43:08 PM): she was a reckless one
EOBeirne (9:43:20 PM): liked to flash around images of her skirt in the heads of many men
EOBeirne (9:43:59 PM): her main joint was the Times.. and most of the time she was hanging out by the pool table,
EOBeirne (9:44:13 PM): she always seemed to play a game no man could understand
EOBeirne (9:44:20 PM): with Babe O'Beirne
EOBeirne (9:44:36 PM): but they knew what they were doing. and they did it well,
EOBeirne (9:44:54 PM): hahah Megs Legs makes me think of outlaw names

C-note and I wandered to the Reagan center today to find a quizno's. We walk through security, flashing our licenses (why? why?) and then came out on a balcony, facing an opera and a couple of hundred people wearing black tie sitting at candlelit tables.

We were totally dressed for the occasion.

I was wearing a short sweatshirt skirt (yeah yeah I also wore that last night) and the t-shirt I slept in. C-note was a bit better dressed, in jeans, a red sox shirt, a suit jacket and red converse sneakers. When we told the security guards that we were going to Quizno's, they just laughed at us, then gave us simple directions to follow to get there.

Apparently they were difficult for us, because we couldn't find the stairwell we were supposed to take, so the security guard walked down the hall, put his arm around each of us, and led us to the elusive doorway.

Only C-note and I could inadvertently stumble upon a black tie affair looking like scrubs, ask for a fast food place, and get an escort there.

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