Saturday, October 01, 2005


cell woes and ghosts

Today I called E. She picked up, going "heelllooo?" "Hellloooo?" Thinking she was just joking, I responded in kind. However, the joke ended when she hung up. Realizing that something was terribly wrong, I called my house phone. My brother picked up, and he couldn't hear me. In denial, I called it again, and my mom couldn't hear me either.

Entering the stage of acceptance, my mom then used my cell phone to call the house, and I picked up. I could hear nothing from that end, not even static. I was horrified. My cell phone? Not working? That means that no one could call me! I couldn't call anyone! Not like I really get that many phone calls, but I greatly enjoy the ones that I do receive. And with moving in four days (yikes) how would I function without a telephonic device?

Everything is working fine on the phone except for the microphone. It rings, I can get text messages (I think?), I can even answer the phone, but no one can hear me.

I went to TMobile in the plaza, hoping against hope that the neanderthals who operate the booth could help me out. The stellar advice that I was given? "Best thing for you to do would be to steal someone's phone and put your own SIM card in it, heh heh." Thanks. I asked if he's heard of other models doing this, and he said "no, some phones just time out."


I walked back to the car, dejected. As if directly taunting me, some woman yelled over my shoulder to her friend going into a store,


No, no I don't.

Well, sorry to be whiny, because this problem is actually going to be solved rather soon. Er has an extra phone, so I'm going to see if that will work. It probably won't, because she has Verizon and I have TMobile. But still. And as a last resort, I'm going to be taking back the phone that my parents had let my cousin borrow, because we had an extra line on the family plan. (Sorry BoBerrin!!) But until then, if you want to talk to me, call my house phone!

(and fyi, during this whole time, not one person has actually called me to shoot the breeze. So basically, the lack of a working cell phone has not been felt other than in my mind.)

On a random note, Bub, my dad and I watched "MOST HAUNTED" on the travel channel last night. Basically these four people, along with a gazillion cameramen, explored a supposedly haunted mill that is located somewhere in England. I was hoping for swinging chandeliers and splitting floors (what can I say, I'm an optimist) but the most dramatic occurrences were floating orbs and a table that slightly shook on its own accord.

The floating orbs, indicators of ghosts to those in tune to the ghostly world, resembled "specks of dust," according to my dad. And it was very frustrating, because the people would think they saw something rustle in the woods, but the camera was NEVER pointed in that direction. A few times you could hear heavy breathing, but it sounded too much like the cameraman has had a few too many doughnuts and not enough exercise.

At one point, they brought in this cute little dog that visits the mill a lot with its owner. Apparently the dog, once he enters one doorway, takes off up the stairs barking his head off. Clearly proof of supernatural visitors.

Well, the night they decided to tape the dog, he kinda walks in, sniffs around, then sits down. For quite some time. Enter female British narrator "I must confess, we are confused by our calm canine companion."

I was quite disappointed, although pleased with her alliteration. Even though there wasn't much action, I love the whole mob mentality experience of becoming frightened. If I have the travel channel in my new locale, I will definitely be catching the show at 9 on Friday nights. woo!

If I lost my cell phone tomorrow the only reason I would notice is because my girlfriend wouldn't be able to call me. If I were single, I would have almost no use for a phone whatsoever. So glad I'm paying exorbitant amount of money for it each year.
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