Monday, October 24, 2005


LIAM is in-the-know

Saturday evening Liam (Mr. Walsh? I forget what I call him in here) called me up. I answered the phone while I was spraying myself with all of the new scents at the Gap, so our conversation was interspersed with the sound of me sniffing my arm.

But that's an aside. He asked me if I wanted to go to the public garden tour at the White House the next day, and I excitedly said "Yes!" I've walked by the WH a gazillion times, but I've never so much as stuck my fingers through the fence. (because that's a quick way to being shot in this town) So even though we weren't hobnobbing in the mansion, it still made my day.

After waiting in line outside the gate for about 15 minutes, we got to the metal detector, with one couple between us and elitism. The woman had a massive bag (holla!), and the security guard lifted this giant bottle of scented water/perfume stuff out, and told her that she could not bring it in.

Being the resourceful woman that she is, she asked if she could please bring it in? And was soundly rejected. Then she asked if she could leave it at the table, and come back and get it, but the guard was having none of it and succinctly informed her that she'd be leaving by a different exit. He told her that she could bring it back to her car, but with a little whine, she said that they were parked really far away.

At this point, she had to make a decision. The line was building up behind her. She looked to the White House, back to her perfume, back to the White House. Then told her boyfriend/fiance/husband that he could go in without her.

He was like "ARE you kidding me?!"

I understood her tough choice. There are some material possessions that you just do not want to separate with, whether because of monetary value or because of sentimental attachments. But the man in her life and the security guard just did not understand.

So I tapped on her shoulder and said "Don't worry. I would totally do the exact same thing." She flashed me a smile, grabbed her perfume and stepped aside.

Here are some pics of me and Liam and our White House garden experience. And I know the one of me is awfully dark, but honestly, I don't feel like fixing it. So there!

I'm going to stand in front of my computer screen with your picture up there and take a picture of myself, so that I can see what it's like to be at a famous landmark like that.
By the way Meg, I don't know if I've told you before, but you are a HOTTIE. I would love to take you out sometime. You know, as a favor to you.
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