Sunday, October 30, 2005


my day, in boring detail

Freezing!!! I'm at home, in the study, and it's reminiscent of my high school days (and of my winter vacation college days...). My parents turn the heat down at night, and it doesn't exactly blast in here, so when the night falls, so does the temp. The longer I stay in here, the less feeling I have in my toes and fingers.

But, yeah, that's just me complaining.

It's so nice to be home. I got in last night around 11:30, and I'm flying out tomorrow around 6. The flight here wasn't bad, considering that I had a layover in Philadelphia. But it was only 30 minutes, so it was more of a "bathroom and buy candy" pit stop. Which was a nice plus. (Except when I was in the bathroom and I thought I had stumbled into a van Damme movie because some WEIRDO started kicking open all the stall doors. While wondering if I should scramble on top of the toilet seat to evade danger, the person kicked mine, and the lock held. Thank goodness.) For the first leg of the trip I read the style, art and home sections of the Thursday NYT that I had taken from my office (with permission, FYI), so that kept me happily occupied.

During the second leg, I turned on my "sleepy time" playlist, and fell surprisingly deeply asleep. Now, I don't know if you guys have seen/heard that Jerry Seinfeld bit about flight attendants zooming down the aisles with a cart and hitting peoples' elbows...but it's true.

I was pretty much out like a light when I got smacked in the upperarm with something. I awoke with a jump and a dull ache, to see the the dark shape of a cart barreling down the aisle, fleeing the scene of the crime. And the jerks didn't even stop! But I stayed plenty dramatic, rubbing my arm, and looking around plaintively to see if anyone noticed the grievance.

(no one met my eyes)

So uh yeah, that story was pretty boring. My apologies. Now for another one. Today was really nice. Woke up at 10 (from a disturbing dream, how typical), had breakfast (coffee cake and milk + tea, how typical as well), read the good parts of the paper (yup, pretty typical), and, for a change in pace, went in the hot tub while it was SNOWING. Lying there with my eyes shut, I felt positive that I looked just like they do in those spa commercials. I had makeup on - only my eyeliner was smeared from a night of sleeping. My hair was up in a bun - but instead of the slick do, my hair was bumpy and clumsily done.

But honestly, since no one was there taking pictures, I didn't care. I was totally in the zone. Even if someone had been taking pictures, I probably wouldn't have minded. It was so pictoresque.

After buying a spectacular wig at iParty, and dressing up jussst like Paris Hilton, I went to my family party, where I saw most of my cousins, aunts, uncles, ate a lot of food, danced to the YMCA with some cousins, and then danced to it just with Bren. I also beat Bub and two of my cousins at ping pong (but don't get the wrong impression, I'm not very good).

On the game plan for tomorrow: hitting up bed, bath and beyond ("don't go in that Beyond section!") & possibly linens n things for a double-sized microsuede red, purple or green duvet cover, possibly buying a wallet or something at TJ Maxx, jam-packing as much winter wear as possible into my suitcase, having lunch, going to church, heading back to DC with a layover in LaGuardia.

Not exactly the stuff of movie stars (or Paris Hilton), or very glamourous. But this is exactly what I need. And I think it's what you guys need after my last total disclosure post.

And on that note, I have no idea who reads this blog. There are five or six solid people who comment on a frequent enough basis. Jacob is my shining star of commenters, and Bub, Jason, Melia, C-note and E make comments fairly frequent enough (whether via this, IM, in person or e-mail). And I know Tansy and Patty read it...

But the rest of you are such freeloaders! You know who you are, the people right now who are feeling indignant by that comment. If you read this, it would be cool to know. Not because I necessarily care if you know my business (hi, this is a public domain) but because I'm clearly an attention whore who loves comments. If I didn't want comments, I'd write in my journal. (Which I still do by the way, and I'm almost finished with my second book. Yay!! But more on that another day.)

I may make you laugh, I may make you cry, I may bore you to tears. But please try to drop me a line in the next week or so, just so I know if anyone is out there. Or not. And if I don't get any "lines dropped" I'll live in my fantasy world and be all like "oh, tonnnns of people read my blog. They just like to play-hard-to-get."

so it doesn't really matter either way. But on an awesome note - and I feel like mentioning this now, because who knows how long it will last - but if you google my name, I am the TOP FOUR ENTRIES. HOLLLLA!!!

But on an alarming note, this blog is the fourth thing. I wonder if my current boss or fellow employees have googled me and read this?

(As they drop me a line in the next week, haha)

I have some future blogging ideas, most specifically the idea of sense of selves and how I perceive myself differently depending on which car I'm driving, but I will delve into that another day.

Not to sound like I'm making a business proposal or outlining the plan for a meeting or anything.

On that note...I'm off to bed.

OK- I admit it- I read your blog :)
I wish I was in a hot tub with snow..sounds great!

Way to blaze a trail!
You barely beat me, I was distracted.
What the hell is this crap, with people beating me to the commenting? After all my years of dedicated readership!
Occasional, Anonymous Reader.
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