Tuesday, October 18, 2005


my dearest E

E as in my friend, not the drug.

Having a job has been cramping my social life. It some ways it's helped it - I've met some new people, I meet up with friends for dinner occasionally, I'm just out and about and that opens up more contacts. But in one of the ways most important to me, it's really been stinking.

But dear E works the night shift at your friendly national (international?) super brilliant TV station. When I didn't have a job, we talked online all day...and all night. Basically. But now that I can't go on IM at work, and she's gone when I finally get home, and I'm usually in bed when she returns, we never get to talk and shoot the breeze. And that totally stinks. So we catch up when we can, spending little snippets of time together. But really, a snippet of E is not enough.

E, I miss you!!

You never talk to me anymore either. I'm sure you're broken up on the inside.
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