Tuesday, October 04, 2005

To be honest, I haven't had many deep thoughts lately, perhaps it's because I've been preoccupied with myself and the things that I'm doing. Self-absorption doesn't allow for much reflection. My thoughts are all just day-to-day stuff, making lists of things that I have to do, then crossing them off. A sample: pack, write thank you letters, open one bank account, close South Shore Savings.

Not exactly the stuff of philosophers and great kings.

The Boston Globe has this Quote of the Day feature...well, every day. Sometimes the quotes are duds - in fact, it seems like nowadays most of the quotes stink. Before they used to really speak to me, and I'd occasionally tear one out and stick it in my journal.

After that grand introduction, here is the quote from today:

"Whenever you fall, pick something up." - Oswald Avery.

Simple, but it says so much. With that one sentence, I picture those times when I feel as though I've fallen flat on my face. I'm lying there, nose in the dust, wallowing in pity. Then I notice something next to me, that I wouldn't have seen if I had strolled along as I had planned. I pick that thing up, put it in my pocket and take it with me.

I love the idea of making something better than how it was, of seeing something when you're down and bringing it up with you to the better place, carrying it with you on your struggle to get there. Sometimes that thing is literal, like finding money underneath the sofa. If you hadn't dropped the clicker, you wouldn't have found that dollar. But other times you gain so much more in experience, like keeping a good point of view, or knowing that even thought you felt like dying or crying, you kept going and you persevered.

From now on, when I'm down, I'll try to take a look around and see what I can take from the experience, instead of just trying to jump up and forget my embarrassment, pain or dismay. I'll pick something up.

So this is the Meg that strolls through the 92109...

Nice quote by the way - I'm a fan.
Normally I hate quotes that try to sound deep but isntead sound pretentious, but that's a good one.
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