Sunday, October 09, 2005


What's in a home?

A lot of things have been going on, most of them fun and good, but I'm not going to mention them because I want to avoid making this a "let me recap my day!" blog.

Even though today is the fifth day that I've been in D.C., and I worked two days, it still feels as though I'll be going home in a couple of days. I obviously know that's not true, especially seeing as how I've worked two days (therefore already different from my past visits), but I can't get it through to my inner thought processes. I think it's probably similar to re-programming a computer.

For example, E and T's bro is visiting this weekend, and he's returning to his school in Boston on Tuesday. I almost said to him "oh, we should hang out when I get back!" I'd love to hang out with him, but when I was thinking that, I was thinking in terms of "sooner" as opposed to "later."

A part of this feeling probably stems from me not having an apartment yet. For as long as I'm sleeping on E, C-note and T's sofa, I'll still feel like I'm down here on an extended vacation. They are so welcoming - and they are absolutely amazing - but it's a bit of an awkward situation. It will be cool when I live somewhere else, and we can hang out, and most likely have sleepovers, but I won't be taking advantage of their hospitality. I'll be able to give, in addition to my non-stop taking.

I saw an apartment yesterday in Chinatown and I loved it. Loved it. LOVED IT. The location is perfect, right on the line I need for work. Annnd it's only two stops from E & C-note. Not to be a downer, but I probably won't get it, just because that would be too perfect. The two people looking for a roommate seem to be really nice - a girl and a guy, both 23. I met with them yesterday, and they both appear to be (I keep saying "seem" and "appear to be" and like language because I don't know them for sure) responsible, friendly and good roommates.

So, we'll see. Who knows, maybe even I after move into my mysterious new place, I still won't feel at home. Maybe the only place I'll feel at home at is in Braintree, Massachusetts.

And I'm definitely okay with that.

I have lived several different places since I moved out of my parents house all those years ago, and none of them feel like home except for my parent's house. Weird.
welcome to dc. nice writing style. apt in chinatown area -- that's very good. i like that area. Cheers
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