Thursday, November 03, 2005


Flashback City

Here I The Tower....Yes, at The Tower. Looking at my reflection in the shiny window, thinking "what the hell am I going to write?"

Of course, this time it's for fun and 5,000 people won't be reading it, but I'm feeling the same type of stress. I think it's because I just made a student loan payment, but I couldn't remember my ID, so I had to call Sallie Mae, and they re-routed me to India or something, and I was on hold for eight minutes and the whole time I was thinking "MY MINUTEESSSS! MY MINUTESSSS!!!"

And I also forgot my Gap credit card (seemed like a good idea at the time?) so I can't pay that off. Or even access my account. I have no idea when that payment is due. Here's hoping that it's 30 days after the purchase. But even then, I'm halfway through to that guillotine date.

And Verizon hasn't charged me for my phone! Ah! And I have to buy a mattress! Ah!

Happily (luckily, thankfully, fortuitously) I'm getting paid Thursday (yes, as in a week from today). So then I'll be living high on the hog again, until the next time when I'm counting my pennies and my minutes.

(you think I'd learn my lesson? ehhh.)

I'm sorry for whining. Especially after such a long break.

So last Thursday I went up the escalator at my metro stop, and I noticed a new ad hanging on the wall. It was this beautiful blue, so it caught my eye. And there was the back of a bald head. Which is ugly.

And then in white print, across the beautiful blue, it says "Trust your instincts."

I shit you not. Right after I wrote an entry about how I need to go against my instincts to leave by the right exit, a sign goes up that says "trust your instincts." I took a picture, and once my computer is back online, I'll post it in here.

Last night C-note and I were dragging groceries from her beautiful car to the elevator to the apartment, and a nice young man got in the elevator with us, surrounded by our sea of bags (well, to be truthful, I had about 15 bags, court had about 2). When getting off, he started talking to us, and introduced himself. Stunned that someone our age lived on our floor, we were psyched, and found out what his apartment number is.

Little did he know that we'd be knocking on his door 25 minutes later, inviting him and his roommates to have tacos with us.

Chef C-note prepared yet another wonderful meal while I ran around trying to clean up. Our apartment isn't thaaatttt bad, but when we had knocked on neighbor's door, we saw how fantastic his was. They had framed pictures, a tapestry, a cool liquor thingy, etc. We have a beer pong table, a lovely neon palm tree and plaid sofas. All nice things, but suddenly we felt apartment envy.

At any rate. The guys brought with them a bottle of wine, so we opened it up (after one of them had to go back to his apartment and get the corkscrew) and drank away. The food was great, and I brought out the halloween candy and we (okay, maybe just me) feasted on Reese's.

So that was fun. And random. Yay for new friends!

And the other night E and I stayed up late, chatting away. It started out with stuff like "SO....BOYS!!" and then ended up with me resolving to start a new religion. Today in church I decided that it would be called "American Roman Catholicism". While asking E all these questions, like the ranking of sins and if we're cannibals since we believe that we eat the Body of Christ, she got up, and said "Meg, I think you'll find a lot of answers to your questions in here," and pulled out the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Well, unfortunately they don't deal with our questions, so I'm going to have to ask a priest. Fr. Beal, you can be expecting an e-mail sometime soon!

Oh, and in other good news, I'm now in the room! I've moved from the couch to the air bed. The room is so nice, I can't wait to accessorize! (does buying a bed and lamps count as accessorizing, or is that too basic?)

And on that note, I should head out. I've been taking advantage of the Tower's hospitality long enough, and I think the Krispy Kremes that I brought are almost gone.

I know exactly what you mean; when I first moved out on my own, it was non-stop stress. All this stuff I needed to buy to make it work, all these bills I still had to pay (shouldn't college bills go away after you're not in college anymore?), it was all quite daunting.

I would love to tell you it all worked out in the end, but I've been on my own for years now and STILL have tons of bills to pay. And I'm constantly finding new things I need for my house . . . it never ends. Welcome to the real world!
Starting a new religion?! :)
As for the place, don't worry it'll all come in due time, with a little patience and a little luck, your place will kick ass AND be a "home" to you.
So if I could figure out how to subscribe, I would definitely read this.

It would if the posts were a little shorter, but I can work with that.

Robert, from CPIT
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