Tuesday, November 01, 2005


gr blogspot.

um hi. Blogspot is malfunctioning. The apartment internet is broken. I need a new phone.

(I just wrote a nicer post, and supposedly it worked, but then it didn't show up in my blog. So I apologize if this is superfluous)

I'm aiming to go to CUA this week to write some entries.

Yeah, I'm that addicted/dedicated.

You're doing a remarkably consistent job for not having internet access. I hear blogger can be powered by osmosis that runs on rainbows and the smiles of babies.
The fact that blogspot is malfunctioning is just horrible. What am I supposed to do to pass the time at work when I am bored? Obviously they do not realize that your entries are fun and interesting to read and very entertaining! God stupid technology ... who invented it ... why did I major in it haha.
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