Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I love the old guys in this city!

*As I'm taking an old bandaid off a blister and putting on a new one...on the sidewalk*
Older guy walks by, gives me a look
Me: I'm sorry, I know this ranks on your top 10 things to see today.
he laughs, walks away, then RUNS BACK and says
old guy1: Oh yes, but for some people here, this would rank in their top three!

*E and I are walking, and a random man on a Segway almost hits us, then he's followed by his fellow (in control) tour companions*
Olderguy2: Hey! Sorry - He's drunk!!

*I'm on the metro, and for the past two days I've seen this older guy who wears awesome clothes. Both days it was a gray suit, one day there was a red pattern shirt, and then next day it was a purple one, both with that triangle thing in the pocket*
Me: Hey! I really like your clothes
Old guy3 makes a dubious face
Me (excitedly): You wore red yesterday, right?...not to um...scare you or anything...
Old guy3: *thinks* Yes, Yes I did. Thank you!
He walks out the door, says as he passes me
Old guy3: I don't scare easily :-)

And on that note, I slept too late to take a shower, and now I have to get dressed. bye!

You put off the shower so you could blog? That's team spirit right there.
I love it when I see a well dressed old man! Good that you told him, it probably made him happy, I don't know anyone who doesn't like to be noticed/complimented
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