Friday, November 11, 2005


I've totally lost all sense of cohesiveness.

(I've decided that I write better in the mornings. It's now midnight, FYI.)

Guess whose air mattress days are numbered?!

MINE! I officially paid off the mattress today, and they are delivering it Saturday. During the transaction we hit a slight roadbump...aka they rejected my check since either a) it's a new account or b) my check was a low number (the kindly man who tore up my dreams of a good night's sleep reassured me that I didn't have bad credit. Mattress Discounters just hates newbies).

I almost pulled a UPS move and started crying, but the tears didn't make another pitiful appearance. Thank goodness. Sadly, I think I'm used to getting checks denied now. Resigned to my fate of being doomed to another week of inflatable fun, I called my mom...yes, my mom, and she told me that I should try to take money out of the ATM.

(I didn't think that my check was cleared, that's why I hadn't thought of going to the ATM. Usually I'm a very astute problem solver, I assure you.)

Let's just say that I didn't stop on my way from the ATM to MD, for fear of being robbed. And funny story, someone was actually robbed around the same time I was walking by there, because when I went into a nearby store a few minutes later, the clerks were talking about it.

So it was by the Grace of God that I am getting a mattress Saturday.

At any rate. Enough about that.

I don't have work tomorrow. And while I'm absolutely, positively thrilled about that, part of me feels guilty for profiting off veterans. Like, hi, these people went to war and fought for our country, and all I can think of is getting some extra Zs?

I might go to Arlington tomorrow to pay a little tribute. Now, that's not to say that I'm going for sure, so don't go all thinking that I'm making you look bad for not going, but it's a possibility.

And Arlington on Veteran's Day is the hotspot. It's Irish bar on St. Patrick's day. The tree on Christmas. Random houses on Halloween. So I would be remiss not to go.

And hey, if you're reading this (now doesn't this placement make it seem like I'm talking to a veteran? I'm totally not.), I miss you terribly. I hope you're doing well. I talked to my boss, and she totally said you can talk to her if you get into her alma mater. AND she knows someone at the State Dept who majored in what you might want to major in. How's that for good news?

If you guys have the day off tomorrow, enjoy it! But during your day of fun and laziness and simple pleasures, think of the favorite Veteran in your life.

My fav? My Grandpa - lost his hearing in tanks during the Korean War - while stationed in Germany. Ain't that a kick in the head.

My other fav? My Great Uncle (my grandma's bro) - died when he was 18 in a sub during WWII, MIA. I saw an old man at the airport a couple of weeks ago, he was going to a WWII submarine reunion. Looking at him in his wheelchair, flanked by his pill bottles, attended to by his wife, I couldn't help but think that my great uncle would have been around his age. And sadly wondered what his life would have been like. All I know of him is a handful of memories, his handsome picture and his purple heart.

Hugs all around.

Easy enough. Order new checks and tell them to start with number 4230, or whatever you like. They'll really do that.
I hope, it's OK
Hi Anonymous,

I reread this post... and it really is. :-) Thanks for your care and concern!
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