Tuesday, November 01, 2005


surreptitious posting

you guys are probably all like "sure she tells us to comment, and then she leaves us high and dry. she really IS an attention whore!"

I'm posting from behind enemy lines - the internet is down in the apartment. My phone is also broken, so you can imagine how adrift I'm feeling.

I'm getting a new phone today, and I'll try to e-mail the new number to people this afternoon. (because I get soooo many calls. La di da!) It's looking right now that the internet won't be fixed until Monday. A week from yesterday.


I'll probably go to CUA sometime this week after work to make a real post. Probably tomorrow. Would be today, but I got stuff to do. Now that this outlet has been blocked, I'm full of ideas and dying to spread the good word of meg throughout the world wide web.

Until we meet again!

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