Friday, November 11, 2005


Sweet like a kiss, sharp like a razor blade

Once frozen, does yogurt lose its "good for you" bacteria? On Monday I was taking a yogurt out of the fridge for my lunch (don't be too proud of me, I also grabbed a pepsi, brownie(s) and some tootie roll pops), and the stupid thing was frozen. I had stacked them in the back of the fridge, and apparently it's really really cold back there.

So, doing the elementary thing, I put all of them in the little vegetable drawer. And they defrosted.

But I just had one, and it must have been one of the previously frozen ones, because its consistency was that of cottage cheese.

Sunday E and I went on a lovely tour of Georgetown with Liam. Neither of us had been to the school, so it was neat to walk around and pretend we're students, drinking stuff at their coffee shop. We even got the full library tour (and they actually have my magazine!!). And we felt right at home, stalking random guys.

After saying goodbye to Liam, E and I decided to go to CVS in Dupont Circle. After getting lost and turned around about three times (not too shabby) we end up on a side street close to our destination. This being a city, one of the only spots to park was in between two cars.

AKA Parallel Parking.

AKA always a trip.

So E gave the first go, and we were in between the two cars, but about four feet from the curb. So she tried again, same result. She asked me to help, and I was all bravado, but on the inside, well...this is the girl who only got her license on the provision that she promised to work on her parallel parking.

I hope that State Trooper isn't reading this blog, because I definitely did not keep my promise.

So I got in the driver's seat, E got in the "curb director" position. I swooped in, and landed four feet from the curb. Lovely. Then E got the great idea that I should just pull into the spot (since it was probably at least one and 1/2 car lengths) but that didn't work either.

At this point, E decided that she'd try again, and I'd be curb director. A few more failed tries (but at least we hadn't hit anything - a notable feat for the both of us) and we had an audience of two guys at this point. I had said "Hey, can you parallel park?" and one of the guys was going to give it a try. But for some craaazzzy reason, E isn't cool with random guys driving her car.

I decided to give it one more go. I was totally confident after seeing the huge space. So I get in, E got out, I pull up next to the car in front of us, and BAM

I parked.

(no, I didn't hit anything)

And as I was doing those little "backing up moving forward" adjustments, the people who owned the car in front of us....came out, got in their car, and left, making our spot a good...oh....20 feet long?

Now our new "parallel parking in the city" strategy is just to wait it out until people come and move their cars.


Ever have one of those days where you feel like this?

so uh...that's not how the picture is supposed to look. Maybe I'll fix it when blogspot is functioning properly.

but it kind of fits my mood as well.
What the heck is that a picture of?

Once I tried parallel parking on a hill in a standard. Boy was that dumb.
Eugh, speaking of parallel parking...
dont worry, I almost took out a tree AND a fire hydrant trying to parallel park during my road test, and the statie had to yank on the emergency break to stop me..... WHY I passed, I dont know. maybe cause I was in the catholic school girls uni in the shiesty town of Brockton.... :-P good ol' NDA! and I havent parallel parked since then.... 6 years... I shudder to think of what would happen if I had to

and yeah, what the heck IS that a picture of? looks kinda cool though
I dont even drive and I'm really not exited about ever trying to parallel park- I think mostly I'll try to avoid it! :)
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