Monday, December 19, 2005


Clearly Confused

Did anyone else used to think that the phrase was "wind shield" and not "wind chill"? As in "The temperature is 20, but with the wind shield, it feels like 11."

Yeah, I'll admit it. I thought that up until oh...possibly high school. And it kinda makes sense, as if a giant shield of wind was flying through town, making it all colder. It's a good visual.

Intents and purposes? Yeah, totally used to think that was "intensive purposes." "Used to" as in up to a couple of years ago. It sounds better, but regardless, it's wrong.

And I just realized last Friday (not this Friday, Gosh! but the week before) that that giant neon thing hanging on the wall in the Chinatown metro is, in actuality, a Chinese fan. Not a homage to Las Vegas, as I previously thought. And speaking of Chinatown, I remember the good old days back in freshman year when we thought that Chinatown Gallery Place was actually... Chinatown Gallery P.I. Blame the Metro signs, blame the fact that lowercase "l" looks a lot like uppercase "I", blame the fact that I'm not a directions type of girl.

I used to think that the lyrics "like the deserts miss the rain" was "the devil's masquerade." and is Carly Simon seeing clouds in her coffee? ...or clowns? Who the hell knows...either makes just as much sense. (But I have it on good authority that it's "clouds.")

Thank God for dumb mistakes. They make life amusing.

Great commercial about the guy believing he recieved "Frrench benefits". Too funny. Oh, and Chinatown confuses everyone.
I thought it was intensive purposes too. Hooray, a kindred spirit!
What did you think Hanson was saying in Mmm Bop?
I thought the Gulf War, the Persian Gulf War and Desert Storm were three different events. I could picture ships off the coast of Texas.
to answer elle's question: mmmbop daboopiebopboomdop mmmbop kwabhiewtwaaayyy that not right? :-)
Remember that Pearl Jam remake where he sings "She's gone to Heaven so I got to be good"? I used to think that was "She's gone to heaven so I got to be goin'".

Also, that Garth Brooks' song about the pina coladas . . . real lyrics are "Set sail with Captain Morgan," but I coulda sworn he was singing "Set sail for California."

Oh well. Being stupid and having something of a hearing disability has got me where I am today.
I thought Bob Marley was saying "no woman no pride." Makes sense right?
Double flavoured life-savers.

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