Friday, December 23, 2005


Endless amounts of money

This morning while strolling to the metro on my morning commute, rolling a very large suitcase behind me, I got to thinking.

Someday, when I am rich and wonderful and influential I will either a) get rides to the airport by my husband b) get driven in a town car or c) beg a ride from my younger brother, who is certain to become rich and successful and drive a Z39409 or whatever they are by then.

And then I won't have to take all modes of public transportation to get where I'm going, it will be as easy as pie.

Please don't get me wrong, I don't mind it. Generally I find it to be a fun little challenge, getting it up and down the escalators and whatnot. People smile when they see the silly situation I've gotten myself in, I love a scene. And not to be all momish, but it certainly is character building.

I've persevered through 135 pounds of luggage, balancing a fish bowl and two suitcases, lugging a surfboard message board and a huge thing of Johnny Walker in my carry-on, going through rain, snow, ridiculous heat (on separate occasions). I think I've learned a lot about responsibility, planning, and getting my butt to where I need to be going, usually on my own.

But on that note...when I'm rich, I will not only take town cars and whatnot, but I will also charter four nice shuttle buses from CUA to BWI around the holiday season. Maybe one trip Tuesday-Friday during finals week. Or two a day. And I'll have fun food on there, like good hot chocolate and tasty pretzels dipped in chocolate, and Grandma's coffee cake.

We all need a little character-building. But it's nice to be pampered once in a while when heading to BWI.

I plan on just having a Z39409 at every airport I frequent all around the world. You can use the BWI one if you need. :)
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