Thursday, December 08, 2005



I don't know why it has taken me so long to write about happened back in October.

Setting: A saturday evening, around 6:30, in the apartment. I had some plans, but...if something better had come along, I would have traded up without hesitation. Phone rings, unknown number. I get a tingle of excitement as I answer. Not much more exciting in this world than an unknown number (although I've realized by now that it's usually a wrong number, thereby bitterly disappointing).

Me: hello?
woman: Hi Meghan? This is CK, from The Nonprofit That Didn't Hire You.
Me: oh hey! how are you?
CK: oh, pretty good, how are you doing?
Me: oh, I'm great! I got a job, I've been working there for about two weeks now. I love it so far. And I'm in DC again, so that's cool.
CK: Oh, that's wonderful! Listen, I know it's really late and extremely last minute...but I have a favor to ask you.
Me: (thinking. hmm. wonder if there's a Nonprofit That Didn't Hire Me fair going on tomorrow and she needs help with a table or something? I could use the extra cash...)
CK: I'm having a dinner party tonight, and the person who was supposed to help me is unable to do it. Are you able to come and help out?

*pregnant pause*

Me: Um. I'm sorry, I've already made plans for tonight...
CK: What about your friends?
Me: They're busy.
CK: All of them? Can you check?
Me: I only know my roommates. They've made plans.
CK: Oh well. Well, by the way, we actually hired someone afterall, and she has a law degree.
Me: That's fantastic! Have a nice night!

Yeaaa that was definately the weirdest thing I've ever heard. hands down.
Good for you, I would have been an idiot an gone..and regretted being such a push over all night
Wow how obnoxious of that woman. Props to you for not helping her out she didn't deserve it. For her to ask you if your friends could do it is even worse like you would sell your friends out. I hope her party was a flop.
I would have jumped all over it, but maybe that's just me.
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