Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Honey lately, I've been way down

Since I complained about it so excessively in my last post, I feel it's necessary to state that, for the moment, the heat is A-OK. I think it's actually off, which is fine with me. I own entire wardrobes of fleece.

Management left fliers in every door late last night, sort of telling/casually mentioning a meeting scheduled for Thursday. Doesn't say on it what it's for, but the bigwigs will be there (as bigwig as a semi-slum lord in DC is) and the maintenance folks. Those sneaky people planned the meeting for 5 pm, hoping that the old people would forget about it by that time, and that us rabble rousers would still be hard at work at the government offices and non profits across our fine capital.

Well, they forgot to factor in the hero of my life, FLEX HOURS! Aka, I can come in when I want, as long as I work for eight hours. This morning, my boss gave me the go ahead to come in 45 minutes early tomorrow, and leave by 4:30, so CPT can bet that I'll be there, whining about the heat.

And for those of you who are fooled, I talk a good game, but I'm going to end up simpering and being like "oh yes...oh yes...I understand. Of course, it's very hard to heat a building evenly. I always have issues even trying to heat my car! *awkward laugh* I'm sorry for bothering you..." Maybe at a key moment, just when the voiceless residents will feel let down, I'll feel the cut in my lip, and then stand up for my rights. It will be like a movie. (maybe C-note can bring a boombox, for emotional instrumental accompaniment?)

On an entirely different note, I've been listening to a lot of David Gray lately. When I was a sophomore, I found a DG CD left by the news editor from the previous year. I was kinda disgusted because I couldn't stand him ("Babylon" still raises my cackles), and saw little use for the CD other than as a coaster.

But lately I've been wondering if it's an age thing. She loved him when she was 21-22ish, and I started to listen to him more late last spring. Since I downloaded his stuff, I don't actually know any of his new songs...

But the old ones are so. So...romantic. Sad. Hopeless and hopeful at the same time. I think I listened to "This Year's Love" about 10 times in a row last night.

"who's to worry if our hearts get torn, when that hurt gets thrown. don't you notice life goes on? won't you kiss me on that midnight street, sweep me off my feet..."

Per usual, in my version of Manifest Destiny and White Girl's Burden, e-mail me or IM me if you want me to send you some songs.

Bring the Boom box- it will help you raise your voice- Stand strong Meg!!!
..I just downloaded this years loving, and finally know who sings this song!! I had dubbed it "it'll last" becuase I had no clue who sang it or wht it was called ( a friend put it on a CD a couple years ago, but omitted to put any details!) Meg, you have cleared this enigma up- oh and I LOVE that song, makes me so nostalgic...
I think that's "hackles".
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