Saturday, December 17, 2005


"I want to go out to the night and taste it" - low millions

So...after that, it's hard to go back to "So then my laundry DIDN'T DRYYY!" Not to be all Sept 11th on all of you, but it definitely doesn't seem that important anymore.

(not that I ever thought that the status of my laundry was thaat important in the first place, but oh well.)

But I guess I'll do my best. Blog must go on.

I'm suffering from an utter lack of creativity and inspiration. In fact, I just wrote a really boring post, but I deleted it because I couldn't bear to publish it. So, out of a lack of any other ideas, here's my list of favorite things/current activities.

Book that I'm reading: The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova. I'm not too far into it, but I'm really enjoying it so far. It's an adventure/scary novel, about a girl and her quest to find the connection between her dad and Dracula. Or something. Like I said, I'm still in the beginning.

Songs that I've been playing over...and over...and over: "Like We Never Loved" by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, "Wichita Falls" and "Kerosene" by Miranda Lambert, "Lately" by David Gray.

Clothes to wear: my brown boots from Victoria's Secret. A combo of practical and attractive. Very versatile. My pink long sleeved t-shirt from Gap (a pretty color, and comfortable), my red corset and gold bangles that I bought last night.

Food: Chicken. Chicken. I couldn't live without chicken. It's probably 13 of my meals a week. Chicken salad (like today at Zaytinya, in Chinatown. You guys in DC should go, it's tasty and reasonably priced), general tsao's, Tyson's breaded frozen chicken (of course).

Day of the week: Friday. It's a great day because you went to work, so you feel productive, but you also go out. E and I usually dance around until 3 am, so we get the most out of the day. We live every hour, and usually it's really fun. And sometimes, if I'm really cool, I sneak in a nap after work. Sunday comes in a close second to Friday, though.

Color: deep purple, like plum or eggplant or kinda burgundy. I find that it has a very relaxing effect on me. (affect? honestly, I didn't learn that when I was six, so it never sticks with me. I can never remember!)

Month: October. It's crisp, sweater + boots weather, and kind of spooky in this exciting way. October is beautiful in Massachusetts.

Celebrity I want to marry: Keith Urban.

Celebrity I want to be friends with: Angelina Jolie

Favorite Dessert: Chocolate chip cookies, or oatmeal chocolate chip, if I'm super lucky.

(and this has deteriorated into a 10th grade chain email...I'm trying to think of something deep and insightful to have as the next "favorite.")

what I'm doing now, what I'm wearing, what's up: I'm wearing gray fleece pants from Old Navy, my aforementioned pink tee shirt, red socks with pink hearts and dogs or something on them. Eating double stuff oreos, licking the frosting off first. Looking for itunes songs that fit my mood, settling on "Wreck of the Day" by Anna Nalick. Sitting on the flannel couch, with my laptop on my lap. Feeling tired, and going to bed in about 10 minutes. Stretching my legs, and realizing that they're sore from dancing last night. Feeling a bit of inner turmoil...which I feel is reflected in my crappy writing.

Marry Wentworth MIller dammit!
I would also like to be friends with Angelina Jolie.
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