Sunday, December 04, 2005


Jacob finally gets his shout out!

You may be wondering (although, you're probably not) which blogs I read. For a while, I was fairly indiscriminate in my blog reading, settling for a feeling of "Blah" when I finished their posts. But then I realized that life is too short to waste on a bad blog.

(as all of my readers realize the same thing and never come back...)

Here are my tops, the ones I've been reading for a good six months. Except for the last one.

Afraid of the Dark

Jacob has been with me since almost the beginning. He ridiculed me for saying that my life had been saved by a turtle, and since then he's been a regular commenter. We even used to be IM buddies, until I got a job. Which is a shame, because I miss talking to him. Back in the day, Jacob had a slightly-larger-than-normal readership. But after being featured on College Humor, he is now enormously famous.

While he's very funny, I like his blog best when he lets down his guard and says what he's really thinking. It only happens once in a while...but when it does, it's deep.

Waiter Rant

Let me just say this now. I love this man. Love him. If blogs were children, and I were a meddling mom, I would try my hardest to get an arranged marriage for Goo and Waiter Rant. He's a waiter, in NY. Used to be in the corporate world, in the field of mental health (I think), but then realized that he hated his life.

Never crass, never cruel. Each post has some sort of lesson, some key insight. He's absolutely fantastic.


Ever wonder what it's like to be a lawyer at a huge firm?

Well, I never really did, until I stumbled upon O's blog. I started reading her back in June, and each post is a written masterpiece. Her language is flowery, and a bit overdone at times, but she never fails to get her point across. She is filled with rage at the system that provides her a fat paycheck, and it's only a matter of time until she's discovered by her evil bosses.

(especially since a piece featuring her was published in the New York Times about a month ago)

One of the best sections of O's blog is the commenters. There are cheerleaders (that's my category, usually), the "why don't you just QUIT?" group, there are the people who think that she's actually a male posting as a woman, and the hate mail, mostly consisting of people who say "I know who you are, and you're going to get fired."

Kiss n Blog

My guilty semi-pleasure. Written by a woman called Midwest, and a man called Wombat, this details their (individual) sexual forays and observations. I don't know why I read it, other than that it's amusing and it reminds me that I do have some sensibilities, and that that's not exactly a bad thing.

Always obscene, always cheap, but with a beautiful veneer. They are a lady and a gentleman in the most superficial sense of the word.

Moonchad'z Bumper

I'm a new reader of Mona's. She had been lurking on my blog, and finally commented when I called people out. I'm glad she did, because she's really interesting. In a way, I see her life as an alternate version of mine - what I'd be like if I had moved 24 times in 24 years, as opposed to twice in 22 years. She's lived all over the world: Egypt, Dubai, France, etc.

Mona is smart, genuine, open. I'm very much looking forward to reading more of her posts.

yey!!! someone thinks I'm smart :)
( I actually went back to check that you really wrote that, in case I was delusional or something)
Thanks for the shout-out, Meg.

Who would have thought I even projected the veneer of being a gentleman? I'll take it!


*clicks heels, walking down the street*
Who would have thought that Sir Wombat reads my blog?

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so harsh. But then again, it is on my top five blogs, which is a high compliment in itself. haha, right...
Meg, I have said this before, but it never gets old: you keeps it real like no other chica I know. Thanks for the shout-out, you're my hero, though I feel bad being lumped in with these other hacks (ha-ha, only kidding Wombat).
Brutal honesty is always preferable to sycophantic butt-kissing.


BTW I love your blog!
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