Monday, December 12, 2005


laundry, part II

Half of the clothes are completely dry. The other half is partially dry. Good enough.

(re-reading this, I'm caught in a singular/plural battle over "are" and "is" for halves of clothes. but anyhow.)

The thing about me is that my rage is never sustained. It's like a fender bender. Seems serious at first, but then the person whose car you hit gets out, looks at his bumper, you look into his eyes, and you know you're saved as he says "oh, don't worry about it. No dents."

(not that happens to me on a frequent basis or anything...)

So at any rate. Point there is that I get pissed off, start spewing "stupids" (the ultimate indication of how helpless one is feeling), then get over it.

And the positive part of this whole thing is that the heat is still out of control, so my clothes are resting on every vent in the place. They'll be dry in no time!

lemons and lemonade!

Where I used to live, the dryer would never ever completly dry my clothes. I must say, laundry is the one pet peeves of chores, and a I think it all stems from bad dryers.
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