Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Legitimizing a love affair

Ever since I heard "I Want To Break Free" a couple of years ago, on those Coke commercials, I've been in love with Queen. Like all attractions, it was based a lot on circumstance. I don't know if the tune would have turned my head if it hadn't been paired with an infectious advertising campaign.

Something about dancing with abandon in the streets, the grocery store, the office, just caught me. I wish that I could just do that sometimes, totally have a lack of control, and look amazingly cool all the while. When I dance, it's a flailing of arms and legs. The dancing in those commercials - not to be all post-modern and Hirshhorn - was like art. And the joy on the faces!

I illegally attained "I Want to Break Free" and listened to it on repeat. It psyched me up for a long night of Towering, it put me in a good mood when I was glum. It was the perfect cure-all. Even today when I hear it, it puts a skip in my step...somehow this song is immune to my "play it until its dead" MO.

Then I saw Shaun of the Dead (GREAT movie! see it!) and in it there was "You're My Best Friend" and "Don't Stop Me Now." If anyone has seen the movie, they'll know the scene with the latter. I never thought I'd say this, but the choreography while bashing a zombie on the head with cricket bats and whatnot was just fantastic. It's one of those things that when you're going to work, and you're bored, your mind starts wandering. It arrives at that scene, and you laugh at loud, breaking the stony silence of all the other commuters. And it's mildly embarrassing, but you can't help it, and you don't even mind, because it has put a smile on your face.

I know next to nothing about the actual members of Queen - I'm not some super stalking fan. But the music? Really appeals to me. Everything is just so enthusiastic, they put their hearts into the work.

So, tonight I decided to give the good old boys some of my money. I know technically they're not getting any profits (what, like, .30 in royalties? and some of them are dead?), but I've been keeping my love affair on the downlow, getting songs from friends and Ares. As far as the records were concerned, Queen hadn't gained a place in my heart, even though they've been ensconced there for almost two years.

Seeing as how my Queen collection was rather paltry before tonight, I have a lot of catching up to do. 30 new (to me) songs. Is it just me, or is sometimes music a lot like a friend?

Music is my only friend. That, and vodka.
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