Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Pony Express

So at least T's moment of truth in my comment section gave a bit of suspense to the blog...right? I just hope that the woman used the money for good. And not for crack, as some people seem to think.

And enough of that.

I'm a pretty responsible person, except when it comes to putting stuff in the mail. For some reason, that mailbox is the hardest, most impossible step. And let me assure you, there's a mailbox right on my way to work. So it's not because of insurmountable adversity that I stink at mailing things. It's just the final step.

So, today when I went into Verizon to change my address and talk about my little thing called "the bill that is three days late," I turned around, and the solution to my problems glowed, providing a glimmer of light to the otherwise dark night of irresponsibility. It is...a Verizon Bill Paying Machine!

All I had to do was stick my card into the machine, give them my number, etc etc, and the bill was paid. Ta - da! No mailing, no .37 cents. No opening the little door, closing it, then opening it again to make sure the bill didn't get stuck on the little door.

No going somewhere to buy a stamp, and cramming them in my wallet. No affixing the little square onto the right hand corner of the envelope. No licking the envelope, and thinking "aaarrgh it's grosss!" and momentarily wondering if I'll get poisoned, like Susan on Seinfeld.

And all this is super easy. And one would think that I would have just given up and invested in a carrier pigeon (why am I so obsessed with carrier pigeons?) if I lived back in the Pony Express days. But part of me has always daydreamed about being a Pony Express girl. Riding across the desert, with stacks of mail, full of messages to and from loved ones. Staying at random cabins, meeting all sorts of neat characters. Sitting by a fire, under the stars. Getting a tan face, wearing a cool hat and hot boots. I know that I am romanticizing it, but it seems like it would have been worth the effort.

Today there's no effort, it's too easy for me. I've always claimed that I hate a challenge (especially in the game of love), but apparently it's me not knowing myself. I don't appreciate the (generally) well-oiled machine that is postal system.

So some of you may think that this is illogical, to go to the Verizon store every month to pay my bill at the machine. Afterall, the mailbox is just across the street on my way to work, and the Verizon store is a whole block out of the way.

But I know what I need to get stuff done. And, if in my illogical mind, going to a store to pay something is what it takes to be on time every month, as opposed to slipping a letter in the mail, sign me up.

Mailing a bill is just so little effort...that it's just too much effort.

what's a mailbox?
can't you pay by internet?
I try to pay all my bills that way.
Granted, I don't have many right now, but when I did it was incredibly easy
oh trueborn, I don't have enough credit to use the online system that Verizon uses. they reject me every time.

the wonders of never having a credit card...
That's an odd system Verizon has.
Hell I don't have one either, they take check cards tho, so long as they have a visa logo.
man..I used to pat ALL my bills online with my regular bank account- I share the same phobia- probelem is its not only due to bills etc. it occurs in every instance..I mean I still have christmas cards for my family from three years ago..quite lame sadly...
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