Friday, December 02, 2005


random people in my day

Just wanted to let all of you know...that chivalry isn't dead! I never thought it was, but I was reminded today that it most certainly isn't.

Since I'm a bozo, I didn't wear a coat yet again today. I wore a big sweater, and I foolishly thought that would be enough, but I should have also adorned (at the least) a hat, scarf and gloves.

At any rate, I ran out to the hot dog vendor lady today around noon, and was standing in line for what seemed like forever because apparently the woman in front of me was ordering a ton of stuff. The wind started to pick up, and it was FREEZING. I felt as though either a) a poltergeist had settled around the cart or b) I was in ghostbusters, in a really windy, cold scene. So, in order to minimize rostbite, I turned my back to the wind.

There was this tall old guy waiting in line as well, and he saw me shivering...

No, he didn't offer his jacket. He did better.

He told me that I could stand in front of him, and he would block the wind for me. So I did. And it was nice.

And since I'm lazy, I'm going to post an (edited) e-mail that I sent to C-note and E the other day. E said I should write about it, but um...nah. So here goes!

From: Meghan Joyce
To: "C-note" , E
Date: Dec 1, 2005 9:54 AM
Subject: it's all subjective...haha

So I was just in the elevator, eating a fresh bag of Animal Crackers, and this woman who works on my floor got in (she's currently getting over being sick) and goes "ohh, snacking already?"

and I said "Snacking? This is my breakfast!"

And then she launches into how I'll regret eating so much junk food when I get older, because she said she's always like "oh, if I hadn't eaten that, I probably wouldn't be having this pain now..."

So I agreed, to be agreeable, and said that I'll probably end up in a wheelchair by the time I'm 25. But on the inside I was thinking "junk food? I bought these to be healthy!"

I mean, here's my "planned meal" for the day

breakfast: animal crackers + water
lunch: chicken teriyaki, pepsi, possibly onion rings
mid-day snack: reeses' + tea
dinner: frozen chicken fingers in our freezer + apple juice

is that so bad?

(and why am I not 300 pounds already?!)

write back!



PS - Y'all are not privy to the PS. Sorry.

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