Thursday, December 01, 2005


The Road to Hell...

is paved with good intentions. During the work day, while doing some menial tasks (now, take note, not all of my tasks are menial, but some certainly are) I think of blog entries to write. Because I'm that cool. But then I never write them.

One such entry is about how I've been having amazing dreams lately. (Most of) You guys know me and my alarming nightlife. I generally have dreams about death, destruction and disorder. Falling off a rollercoaster, me dying at the hands of Nazis in 1940s Massachusetts, Bin Laden shooting my mom, random guys breaking into my apartment via the heater, etc. Usually the thought of entering dreamland is not a promising idea. Combined with my occasional yellings, along with the rare sleepwalk, it's downright dreadful.

Well. This past week, I've awoken feeling optimistic, ready to meet the world. In two individual dreams, I've met these awesome guys. One was 28, a do-gooder lawyer. The other was a "tough police officer with a heart of gold" who was also Catholic. These guys gave me hope for mankind.

And then. The other night. I met Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I was kind of manipulative, though, because I was babysitting Maddoxx (he was lying on the ground staring into space and I started talking to him?) and that's how I met Angelina. I'd like to think that I was conversing with the kid out of the goodness of my heart, but I gotta wonder if I had an ulterior motive. And if my memory serves me right, they paid me $700 for about 2 hours of babysitting. was the perfect dream. Lots of money, AND meeting my semi-idol. And yes, I think Angelina Jolie is wonderful. She may slightly ilicit, but she has done so much good. In addition to being a UN ambassador, she has adopted two kids who otherwise would not have had much of a chance at life. She's daring, and has her pilot's license. She made a bamboo home in Cambodia so that her son would be in touch with his roots. She's drop dead gorgeous as well.

And she's only 30 or 31! (Hey, I can't remember, and I'm not a complete stalker.)

I gotta finish up some work. My first foray into freelancing, and I'm led astray by two nights of happy hour (can't you tell by my writing?). Possibly up for tomorrow's post? Either "Leading Celebrities That I'm in Love With" (hey, it's high time for a girly post) or "Blogs that I Read All The Time (Besides my Own)".

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"She made a bamboo home in Cambodia so that her son would be in touch with his roots. "

I'm sorry, but I could not help but laugh out loud at that sentence.

(PS, it's official, I am retarded)
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