Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tonight C-note, E and I did some interior decorating. We put magazine racks on the wall, I put up a decorative tapestry thing in the hall, C-note adorned the bathroom wth scarves and beads, so it looks like a tropical haven.

We're 22, we're capable, but at the same time, we take such pride in being able to nail things to a wall successfully. For example, when C-note was hammering away and I was holding the rack straight, E took our picture.

I think when I'm old I'll be weary of nailing things to walls (and putting together nightstands and fixing toilets and cooking dinners). But for now I'm appreciating the fact that there are still little things out there that we haven't experienced, and when we do them, we feel a tiny glow of satisfaction and child-like enthusiasm.

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