Thursday, December 22, 2005


Yes, I know I'm no fun.

I'm so annoyed with facebook and their new "how do you know this person?" business. Whyyyy whhyyy does it matter? I enjoy a little mystery. Okay. That's a lie. I hate mystery. But I hate stupid information even more.

And this is just stupid. I know how I know someone, and I may know that - let's pick a random person on facebook... - Zach M. knows someone, but honestly. I do not care how he knows his friends. If it comes up in conversation, it comes up! But why do I need to know?

But on that note, I got two funny friend details today. They made me laugh at loud...and ruined my ongoing rant in my head over this stupid new feature.

And I'm going to post them here as examples of how to be, in case you insist on using this feature:

From C-note:
You and C-note lived in CPT in 2005.
You lived in Various Locations at CUA from 2003 to 2004.
You took Math (among many more enjoyable ones...).
You met randomly.

and from DV:
You and DV met randomly in 2005: I decorated her Christmas tree at 3 in the morning. Again, only literal meanings intended.

So, basically. Here it is. I'm not going to friend detail you. Call me a party pooper, whatever. But if you friend detail me, please make it funny. Or try to be funny. It's okay if you fall flat, it's all about the effort. I don't want any "We had a class together."

Instead make it "We had a class together but I only noticed you when you told McKenna that you didn't see the sexual imagery in an advertisement. In front of the whole class (consisting of 45+ people), he said 'God bless you Meghan, you're so naive' and then you turned a brilliant shade of red."

Gah, I completely agree. I think the new feature is stupid.

Although I suppose if it was funny, then it might be okay. Like if I put "I know Meg from our days of adventure in the Amazonian rainforest, when we were treasure hunters."
I agree Meg ... I think it's pretty pointless ... either you know the person or you don't and accepted them because you are like me and don't reject anyone ... who wants the specifics ... although some of the ways you can know people is pretty funny I think the "We Hooked Up" choice is my favorite thus far though. Oh Facebook and the many ways you allow people to waste time.
Bravo meg! Well done with the ending.
I LOVE the new feature... haha and had I been more awake at the time of making my "how I know Meg" I certainly would have included the fact that I was the one laughing out loud and turning just as red when you said that to McKenna....


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