Saturday, January 07, 2006


All hail the smoking ban!

Sitting here, post Times. Exhausted, so nothing really to say. Lounging on the plaid sofa, I'm perfectly comfortable, except for one thing: the lovely aroma of stale smoke is wafting off my clothes.

Last week I was told that DC will be smoke free in 2007. I am personally ecstatic.

I know that others think it's hating on personal rights, and maybe it is. But I am sick of coming back from bars, smelling like smoke, and being faced with the option of a) hanging my clothes on the balcony to air them out or b) actually washing them. I don't smoke. I don't want to smell like smoke. I don't want secondhand smoke. Me, me, me.

So, smokers, I am sorry that you will now have to go outside to light up. Really. It stinks to be inconvenienced. But I am totally looking forward to the day when I leave the Times and I still smell like me (something like a mix of shampoo, cookies and orange blossoms from the Gap), and not smell like...The Times.

Its not discriminating against smokers, its so that other people dont get lung cancer from secondhand smoke. Its a habit that kills so why put people that dont smoke at risk? I dont want to die from lung cancer even though I've never smoked a cigarette in my life. I personally think its great that bars are going smoke-free. Not like the shadier ones around colleges where underage kids can drink actually pay attention to that rule but oh well haha
Smoking is bad.
DC Smoke free?
Sweet. No one really likes that smell except maybe hardcore chimneys. I'll confess to being a smoker once, but eliminating the chance of me bumming a smoke while drinking in a bar.
I feel bad for the addicted at times when they have to go outside when it's freezing. But now that I've quit, the smell really bothers me. I hate it.

Are we talking about the Irish Times, that delightful dive bar next to the Dubliner? Or some other Times in DC?
Yo Meg,
I only ever smoke in bars and am secretly glad that smoking is being banned becuase that way I'll never ever smoke. I don't know at which point in my life I began to associate smoking with drinking but it's a habit that I am sticking to- I don't have the will nor the desire to kick it just yet, although when sober I wonder what the hell is wrong with me. These new laws will help me break this bad habit because honestly the stink of smoke in my hair, clothes and the way it sticks to me is something I find disgusting!
Save a spot for me on the anti-smoking bandwagon!
calling it a "dive" is a matter of opinion....of course, it is an opinion that is shared by a great number of people!
Love that Bar
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