Monday, January 16, 2006


before I forget (again)

There's this phenomenon going around, and I don't know if it's unique to DC, or to the South, or if it's in Mass too, and I just don't realize because I haven't been there during this special time for quite some time now.

What is UP with those football flags that people put on their cars? They are so funny. Some people have only one (although most go with the symmetrical "one on each side of the car" look) others have like, 15, one stuck in every nook and cranny of their vehicles.

Is it just a DC thing? I don't think so, because I've seen cars with flags supporting teams other than the Redskins, such as the Steelers. But maybe it's a DC thing to sport the flag, and they make banners for many teams, in order to feed the geographically-based addiction?

Or are there silly looking cars driving all around Boston as well?

I don't know, when I see them, I just laugh. It's a shame that the Redskins lost...the goofy flags are going back into hiding until the next season.

I do not own a flag, despite being a Redskins fan as far back as I can remember. True fans don't take their flags down in the offseason. We support our team year round.
...and by the way, I notice that I seem to have come outta nowhere. I can't remember how I ended up here, but I know it was from someone else's blog.
In Philly we don't use flags per say. We usually kill a Dallas fan, remove their head, and tie it to our bumper from a string.
I condone this.
There are definately some Pats flags flapping down the highway, though not many. One crazy old hag that I volunteered with at the Patriots Training Camp had the symmetrical two flag deal, as well as one hanging off her rearview mirror, a patriots license plate, bobble head dolls and stuffed animals perched in the back window, and approximately 135 stickers plastered on her bumper and windows. That is the most extreme case Ive seen though, most people just have a nice little Pat the Patriot on their back window- and they're still there despite the humiliating slaughter on Saturday... in Boston we're used to dissapointment so we never turn our backs on our boys :-P
JC I condone this as well
Hmm ... I do know of the crazy flags you speak of but fortunately haven't seen many around. Here and there you get the occasional one flager but it hasn't been as popular as the decorate your car with 235332 different types of ribbon stickers/magnets deal.
Over here it's more football in the soccer sense that is watched, although I haven't seen flags at all, except being held by crazy fans who tend to stick them in their pants when they are drunk and unwilling to keep carrying it or throw it away
caitlin, I didn't even connect the stickers with the flags, you're totally right.

I prefer the patriot on the back window!

and true, so true, those damn magnets!
Meg, OUR BROTHER has a pat the patriot on his car. Shesh, what attention to detail. =P And me? All I have is that Chudley Cannons poster in my room...
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