Thursday, January 12, 2006



and a little bit insane...

tonight I walked back to the apartment, via the National Mall. I was tempted to multi-task, pick up the cell and call my parents, but then I thought "NO! Take time to think."

I didn't think about much, to be truthful, but I was surprised to feel the swelling of my heart, brimming over with happiness and a feeling of being blessed. I began my walk by cutting through the near-deserted Ronald Reagan Center. White Christmas lights were up, and my heels clicked noisily on the cobblestones. Underdressed for the weather, per usual, but it's a balmy 45 degrees or so.

I walked along Constitution, jumping up on the stone wall and skipping across the gaps where the sidewalk cut through. I navigated around a shrub, saw two guys, tripped, then gave them a natural smile because I felt like the biggest fool. Cutting through the skating rink, some Latin music came on, and I danced a bit in the shadows and travelled along the semi-darkened path.

(but don't worry all of you, I kept looking behind me in a paranoid manner, and my pepperspray was at the top of my bag.)

Getting to the Mall, I did a couple of twirls, thinking about the wonderful co-workers (fast becoming friends) that I had just parted with in front of the restaurant. Thinking about my supportive family, thinking about my fantastic friends who have stuck by me, through thick and thin. Waiting at a stoplight, a mysterious figure in a returning fire truck raised a hand in salutation, I waved back.

After crossing the street, I took in the view that still makes my heart skip a beat. The Capitol, a turn, then the Washington Monument. I stared at the point and steadily flashing red light, wondering why it makes me stop so. What does it represent to me? America? Patriotism? Really big cool buildings? I don't know, but the drug that grabbed me during my 8th grade field trip still does its magic.

I left the Mall and began the final journey to my warm apartment, passing the friendly security guards along the way.

It's been a rough week. But at the end of it all, I was able to reflect, smile and realize how wonderful my life is. What a gift.

I can't tell you how cool it is to read a happy post!

Bravo Meg! Life is wonderful!

Have a great weekend.

I used to love walking the mall at lunchtime.
Such a wonderful place. I love it during the spring.
I agree with Wombat- you are cool Meg- and life is grand
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