Wednesday, January 11, 2006



Tonight the neighbor dinner was moved to The Melting Pot, in honor of Restaurant Week.

My word. I started off the night all peppy, energetically diving my food into the cheese, then moving on to the entree, dipping meats in oil. I was in my element. Fresh off from work, I was ready to stuff my face. And then it all hit me, like a ton of lard. My shirt, tight to start with (what one gets when they buy their clothes in "Paris" of Busch Gardens) was becoming unbearable underneath my sweater. My skirt was feeling too high on my waist. My legs, encased in boots, were begging to be stretched.

In between the "fried meat" course and the "dunking everything in chocolate" period, I sashayed to the bathroom, where I removed the tight faux parisian shirt, and felt a sigh of relief as I just wore my sweater back to the table. I sat down, pushed my chair back, and slouched in true well-bred style. Matt, sitting next to me, did the same. He made the observation that we seemed to be the only ones hurting, as Alex exclaimed that he wanted more food, but he was all out of spears. (he was "out" because they were both frying something at the time.) I saw Alex reaching for vegetable after vegetable, and although I knew that a vat of chocolate was coming up, I was fantasizing about magically arriving at my bed, and crawling in wearing my loosest pajamas.

I then took it easy, only having half-strawberries dipped in chocolate, then got a slight second wind while paying the check, and had two little pieces of pound cake, with chocolate on top (and the sides, and the bottom). Then we rolled out of there, me feeling like I needed to be pushed up the stairs and that I had eaten enough to fill up the capacity of a whale's stomach.

It was a total bargain. God bless restaurant week and the good times it brings. (and will bring, since I'm going out with girls from work tomorrow.)

oh my goodness. I haven't been this stuffed since Christmas Eve. And yeah, I know that wasn't even a month ago, but times get pretty lean when I'm living off the CVS Lean Cuisine selection.

So yeah, not that I'm a restaurant critic, but if you want a good time...go to the Melting Pot.

dayyym that sounds awesome, when I come to visit you take me there! :-P
I love The Melting Pot. You just steadily eat little pieces of food and it doesn't feel like you're eating a lot... then all of the sudden you feel yourself expanding right where you sit. It's unbelievable.

Well, unbelievably good.
Sounds absolutly delicious! :) even though you had to roll out of there and all
Score one for those relegated to Lean Cuisine!
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