Saturday, January 28, 2006



Today I met up with Liam and E on the Mall. I got there first, and was sitting on a bench, soaking up the sun, waiting for my two friends. My mind was wandering, and I thought that it would be really cool to play hide and seek with them.

Then I get a call from Liam saying that he was on the Mall, and he commented on my orange sweatshirt, wearing a white cap. I looked alert, trying to see him. I scanned the masses coming towards me, saw a few weird looking people, but no Liam.

Basically, for 15 minutes I couldn't find him, and he verbalized my every move, including when I stood on a bench in the hopes of finding him. I finally decided that I'd be able to see him better if I walked in to the middle of the grass, and began walking towards the metro. After about three minutes of walking, he said "you know, you've been walking away from me this whole time, muahaha."

I turned, and finally spotted him. He had been sitting on the bench directly across from me the entire time.

While waiting for E to arrive, we saw the CUTEST puppy. Liam has a soft spot for all things cuddly, so we decided to go over and join the adoring masses. A little kid toddled up there too. He was wearing a harness.

Personally, I believe in trussing up your precocious kid when in a busy spot, but I found the whole "dog wearing leash meets kid wearing leash" experience hilarious. I'm sure the parents were less than thrilled with having some random girl yammering on a cell phone take their kid's picture...but oh well. Public space = fair game for photography!

We played the hiding game with E once she made it on the scene, but she was decidedly less enamored with the situation, so I kinda gave up and walked out into the middle of the area, sporting my bright orange sweatshirt. She was similarly easy to find, wearing a purple fleece and carrying a big gold bag. Liam was totally prepared to the situation, wearing an outfit "the color of dirt and sand," according to E.

After we all united, E turned and said "HEY! Is that B Jones? It's B Jones!!"

And it was our CUA friend B Jones, cruising by on his bike, transporting practice LSATS to a fax machine, so that they could be scored. We stopped and chatted for a few minutes, then he went off on his merry way.

what a fantastic day.

Orange: hands down the greatest color ever
Especially when you're going hunting:)
I love doing that too Meg. Though one time when I jumped down out of a tree t scare my buddy he roundhoused me in the face.
Needless to say, I didn't try surprising him again.
I'm much better at hiding;)
Wait.. so who threw objects into the air higher?
I think you won. That frisbee player was def. into us.. until Liam slow clapped him for dropping a disk haha ..
Public space = photography possibilities? Who made that rule?
i-66: I agree. Which is why I wear that sweatshirt every day. hot.

trueborn: luckily E forgot her pepperspray, so I was safe.

E: I do believe that we both dropped the tie-breaker - you smashing your lip gloss, me breaking my glasses case, and both of us losing the ambiguous guy.

J: my photography teacher. And he's authority enough for me!

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