Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I'm sorry...what?!

Today CP and I went to Lawson's for lunch. Great food, and randomly an amazing amount of eye candy. It's honestly ridiculous.

So, I was waiting behind an older man, he was ordering and I was next. Two reasonably attractive semi-youngish men (24-28ish?) were standing to the left of me, gabbing and waiting for their food. The woman behind the counter shouted out the younger one's number and he reached up to grab his sandwich.

I wasn't paying attention, I was squinting at the board, trying to read what exactly is in the Sesame Ginger Chicken wrap. And then I heard a rolling, and the sound of change dropping. I looked down at my feet, and the tip jar (a plastic container) was resting there, along with two ones and some nickels.

I paused, then bent down to pick it all up, while the two guys stood next to me, still gabbing, and waiting for the second guy's sandwich. CP came up from behind me, and goes "oooh look who is causing trouble!" (because you all know me. Knocking over a tip jar isn't entirely unlikely.) and I said "oh, it wasn't me." and discreetly pointed to the two guys.

Don't get me wrong, picking it up was not a problem. I had already figured out what I wanted, the line wasn't moving, I had nothing better to do. But they didn't even make a move to help, or mention the clutziness. Ordinarily, I might think that I had caused the commotion. But my limbs had been securely by my side, and I was a good four feet from the counter.

The only way I can fathom someone dropping a tip jar, and then not saying anything as someone else picked it up is if they didn't notice the mess they caused. But was that possible? I mean, most people feel it when they knock something over, right? And movement catches one's eye, right? I don't know.

People these days.

And the other day I was going to the ATM. There are three, two were being used and one was out of service. A woman finished up, so I went up to the ATM. Because you know, that's what one does when they're going to the ATM.

A strange, yet familiar message was on the screen. "Would You Like Another Transaction?" I hit "No" and a card popped out. I was in total shock, and turned around and yelled "Ma'am? Ma'am!" She waddled along, oblivious to her obliviousness. I caught up to her at the light, and said "Ma'am, you left her card in the ATM."

And she turned, and said "ohhh. thanks," in this "I do this all the time and it's nothing big" voice.

I looked at her as if she had three heads, and then went back to the ATM to start and finish my business.

WHAT the Hell?! What?! What?! It's not that she didn't fall down at my feet, because that would have been awkward, and would have held me up. Being late to work as it is, I didn't have time for adoration. But it was the fact that she did not seem to realize the severity of the situation. I could have cleaned her out!! I could have taken out $200 bucks! I honestly felt like giving her a good talking to about the responsibilities that come with owning an ATM card.

(and yes, I know this is all very judgmental.)

Geez meg, I'm sorry about the tip jar. I didn't mean to hang you out to dry like that.

I'd like to give people the benefit of the doubt as far as common courtesy goes - in this case, picking up what you drop - but, let's be serious, not everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.
The ATM lady shall be robbed one day if shes keeps it up
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