Sunday, January 08, 2006



I knew the collection guy at church gave me and Liam a signifant look as he passed by, without a contribution from us.

I just didn't expect him to come back 30 seconds later, and ask us to bring up the gifts. You can't really say no in the heat of the moment. And how do you reject Jesus?

Me in capris (the middle of the winter, mind you) and one of those oh-so-flattering sweater coats, Liam in comfortable sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and mocassins. This church has the longest aisle in the world.

We carried up the gifts, and at the foot of the altar the priest said "Thank you for doing this, I know you didn't want to!" and we smiled weakly. We walked back (me trying to project the image of a humble and serene wine carrier), and sat down.

Dude, I know how you me...

And thanks for the cake last night, that was awesome. It was gone by this morning...drunk people will eat anything.
Worst part.
I was an -gulp- altar boy when I was younger. You know those little plates their supposed to put under the people hands? (catholic)
Well if the people drop em, the plate's supposed to catch em.
But like no one ever dropped one.
Til one day, I wasn't paying attention, and BAM it's on the floor.
I look at the priest. He looks at me with a "you were supposed to catch that" kind of look. I'm about to laugh.
Priest bends down and eats it off the floor.
No five scond rule. It was there for at least 30 seconds.
I had trouble not laughing the rest of mass.
I brought them up once in the Shrine, I dunno if that's the long aisle you're referring to, but probably not. I was dressed well, the kids with me were not. They were terrified that I had volunteered them for something.

I also brought them up several different times at home– my family and I were late and had to stand in the back of church.
HAHHAA i should have been there! WTF!.. Instead I was driving Court to a sketchy corner on 18th and I St scalping Metro Checks. BTW those are hot pants you were wearing... Your outfit wasn't bad but I would have killed to see Liam! hahah

Oh. and you forgot to mention in your blog that You lied to a priest for me..
Guys, this is a testamony to how great a friend Meg Joyce is..
The priest asked where the rest of the trio was .. and meg said
"She went to Mass at St. Matthew's today"

I didn't go to mass at all. She knew that. She could have said "She was waiting around for a boy to call"
But she didn't. Meg, You are seriously the best ever!
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