Tuesday, January 17, 2006


my brain...turning to mush...

Right now I'm watching American Idol with C-note, and I feel my brain turning to mush. I was hoping to see House tonight, but apparently my man is taking the week off. Which is definitely disappointing. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit it, but I was looking forward to watching House for a good part of the day.

My younger brother pointed out last week that it's the same plot, every week. And well, it's true. Someone has some sort of collapse

(and oh goodness. I just told C-note that a guy is cute on American Idol, then he said that he's 17. So um...now I'm checking out guys my brother's age. Wonderful.)

anyhow, someone has some sort of collapse, they end up at House's hospital. They go through the "writing the symptoms on the board" montage, it's either something or something, and then the drug chosen will either heal or kill the person. And then generally the person survives (after they flatline as the doctors search for the tumor, tear in the organ, parasite in the blood, etc), although sometimes there is a little twist here or there. And occasionally there's a little romantic sideline, to keep those of us who live life vicariously happy.

The point is, the plot is not the point of House. I know what's going to happen, I basically know how it's going to end. There aren't any big surprises. Oh well.

"House" is all about the journey. The little quips along the way. How insensitive House will be, how arrogant, emotional or insensitive his underlings will be. They don't rely on flashy special effects, or super duper tension. I love the language and the conversation. It's all about the dialogue.

And that heart of gold lurking under House's arrogant, scruffy, be-caned exterior... *swoon*

Me too I love that show. House is such a wonderful bastard, it's great.
I also like Chase, he is by far the most developed of the underlings. I wonder if that has anything to do with the acting chops of the other actors, or the fact that they want the good looking blonde guy with an accent to talk alot?
Still all in all a great show, though I don't like Sela Ward, I liked it better when it was House and Cameron.
I'm such a geek.
But that is my show!
But you have to admit, watching some of these people suck horribly is kinda funny.
oh, I watched a whole hour of it, didn't I? :-)
but it was on for two ;)
"You take the pills...or you die!"
Don't bother, all my friends are hideous. There just aren't enough of my good looks to go around in a group.
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