Wednesday, January 18, 2006


An Ode to Bubba

Today I started thinking about why my younger brother is the best. It all started because I walking behind the White House (and yes, I'm a monument name dropper whore. But it relates to the story), and I thought about last week, when I called him. The convo went something like this -

Me: Hey Bub, how are you? Is mom home?
Bub: Yeah, I think she's taking a nap though...
Me: Why?
Bub: She has a headache -
Me: Oh. Guess where I am?! Behind the White House. It's so pretty! And I look super sketchy because I'm trying to kill time because I'm supposed to meet someone in 15 minutes and I'm early.
Bub: You're behind the White House? Bomb. Kill. Allah. I'm a terrorist, how are the plans coming along? Is everything in place? Bomb.

Bub is also the greatest because he pretty much always humors me. (so basically, he lets me have my way. All the time.) He comes to all the weird movies that I drag him to, like that random one during the summer that was about boar-hunters in Corsica. They really killed boars! And showed it!! He doesn't complain when I drag him to the plaza with me, and then mull obsessively over which pocketbook purchase is wisest. He even offers to pay for my sub addiction, when I loudly sigh and say "I WISH I could have a chicken cutlet right now!" And you know what? Sometimes I take him up on it and accept his money, the rotten person I am.

He also generally puts up with my warbling in the car, along with the songs on permanent repeat. Some people may say "Oh Meg. Don't you think fifteen times of the acoustic version of 'You'll Think of Me' is enough?" I've even caught him singing along sometimes, especially to "I Hate Everything" by George Strait. But for some reason, he never puts up with "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon.

He's also an HTML/Flash/Photoshop genius. He's a pro with everything on the computer, except writing in his blog. But then again, maybe he doesn't want to show his sister up. :-)

Even though he's six years younger, he's also protective. He says stuff to my mom like "If he hurts her, I'm going to wring his neck" (yes, I know about that!) and worries about me when I do stupid things.

Bub also has convictions, and isn't afraid to speak out about them. Which is super cool. And he reads stuff for school, and thinks about what they're saying, and what people mean. And when he has questions about things, he doesn't just wonder, he investigates. And he keeps his brain sharp, by speaking in french at the dinner table, and laughing at me when I mess up. And by learning that useless of tongues, bob-talk.

I miss you Bub!! I am so going to dominate on the slopes in February.


And pick a darn date to come visit me!!!

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I'm like your brother with the passiveness in terms of doing things. I don't know if you had picked up on that or not. I think he's got me beat with his graphic guru ways.
He sounds ultra cool :)
oooh what did you delete?
Thank you meghan, that post was very refreshing, especially after two monsterous french and english mid terms. You're the best sister anyone could ask for. :)

(Oh yeah, aband dabon't caball babob tabalk abuselabess! =P)
(And you exagerated- I gave up on flash =P)

Thanks again, talk to you soon!
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